Boca Burgers Exposed

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When I first went vegetarian, I was a busy college student.  I didn’t have time for cooking so bought these on a regular basis.

These look familiar?  They are vegan so they must be healthy right?  That was my thinking before I knew better.  Let’s look at the ingredients.

There are a couple of scary ingredients here.  The first is “natural” favor.  Who knows what that is?  Why do they have to use that blanket statement?  When I eat food, I want to know what every ingredient is.  It’s not like there is a bottle of “natural flavoring” you can buy at the store.  This is also a slippery slope for vegans, because natural flavors can come from animal or plant sources.  Here it is labeled non meat, but other labels may not specify. Yeast extract contains MSG.  Moving down to another very scary ingredient, caramel color.  Caramel color is a known carcinogen.  These burgers are looking not so healthy.  If you would like a veggie burger, you are better off making your own.  You can make a big batch and freeze the extras so they will be just as easy to reheat as these processed ones. You can try my Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers or my Mushroom and Lentil Veggie Burgers.  Please boycott this brand.

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44 thoughts on “Boca Burgers Exposed

  1. LOVE EM! for a Non MeaT Burger I think there great my aunt had some they way she fixed “So TAsty”
    Morning star sausage please and for the rest I count on Worthing Soy meat “vegi linke” Love em and the Wham I love it along with My Meatball recipe that foold my Grandpa and a friend of my hubbys who scarfed them down and would not believe meatless came to get my recipe

  2. You couldn’t be any more RIGHT!! Now I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a vegan nor a vegetarian. In fact I LOVE meat!! Put a big ole bloody steak in front of me and I’ll devour it! I can’t eat burgers tho, or meatballs, meatloaf etc.. The texture of grounded meat turns my stomach.. .go figure. However, I do like Boca burgers. They are delicious, especially when you add your own spices to them and I can eat burgers with everyone else at cookouts. But I don’t make a habit of eating them very often.
    After reading your post regarding “natural” flavors, I thought ok now wait a minute.. . Before I made any ignorant comment, I figured let me just do a little research on it. Wellll… .. . goes to show you how little most consumers educate ourselves when it comes to the health food industry. We allow ourselves to believe whatever the package says because it was in the health food aisle, and because it said, for healthy heart, less than 300 calories, blah blah blah and oh yes.. . NO MSG! Now I know you know all this but I’m just re-irating it in case you get another doubtful reader such as myself but, A HEALTH FOOD product WILL have NO MSG, and yet.. . HAVE YEAST EXTRACT! And as you stated in your comment, yeast extract has MSG. Going back to the naturally vs artificially flavorings.. . I got a headache! There is a difference, there ISN’T a difference. But for your readers who are in STILL in ANY disbelief.. . here’s a web site that will show them you know your health foods
    Anyways.. . I guess what I was trying to do in this LONG comment was say thank you. Thank you in showing me on how to educate myself better.

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