Johnson and Johnson Baby Soap Exposed

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This is shocking and hits close to home.  We used this on our girls.  Not anymore.


Let’s look at the ingredients..,.


Cocamidopropyl Betaine is a surfactant and can be irritating to the eyes.  Peg-80 can possibly be a human carcinogen.  Quaternium – 15 is a chemical that releases fomraldehyde and Johnson and Johnson’s consumers have lashed out against this ingredient.  They have agreed to start phasing this out, but if you look, the article was written in 2011 and yet it is still in there now!  This product is looking scary.  Lastly I see artificial dyes in here.  Why are there artificial dyes in soap?  Absolutely unnecessary!   Boycott this product if you can. I found an article about ingredients in beauty products to avoid.  You can look at that list here.  For my girls, we use Earth Mama Angel Baby or Episencial Peaceful Bubbles. 

43 thoughts on “Johnson and Johnson Baby Soap Exposed

  1. Glad you posted this! When we adopted our kids 5 years ago, I used this on my twin boys (age 2.5 years at the time). I got red, itchy rashes all over my arms after bathing them. I realized that *whatever* was in J & J was NOT good and irritated my skin. About a year ago, I finally went to a dermatologist because I was having trouble finding sunscreen and other products that didn’t irritate me . . . found out I am allergic to fragrance AND quaternium! The more I read about the quaternium, the more scared of it I was . . . I cannot believe they put that junk in a product geared toward babies!! So scary!

  2. That is so scary, especially because it’s “gentle”. Guess we’ve got to be diligent about reading ALL labels, not just food labels.

  3. I apologize for not seeing these comments earlier, WordPress has been wonky lately. Yes, reading labels is so important and not just on food! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. :)

    1. I have been using a body wash I got at whole foods, but I really don’t like it. People have told me that Dr. Bronners is awesome, so I will be buying that next. I think you can get it on Amazon.

      1. I’ve been using “California Baby” Brand for my six month old.
        Its great! I’ve read the ingredients. I just hope they didn’t “hide” anything lol.
        I wish I knew about the harsh chemicals in J&J sooner.
        I’ve bathed my two older kids in the stuff for years! :(

  4. They sell Dr. Bronners at target and Kroger and I think at Earth Fare! The local co-op here sells it in bulk. It’s great stuff and they have one for babies too!

  5. Hey! I love your posts, but they are making me a feel 3/4 in charge and informed and 1/4 paranoid. May I make a suggestion? It would be great if you could suggest some alternatives to the products as you “expose” them. :) Keep up the great detective work. Sincerely, MJ

    1. I have been trying to do that with all the newer blog posts. If you need an alternative baby soap, try Dr Bronners, California Baby or Earth Mama Angel Baby. Hope that helps!

  6. I am so glad I read the labels on J&J products and never used them on my daughter. I have sensitive skin. Anyway, we use Burt’s Bees products.

      1. You are a wonderful mom! I read your story about your journey with your girls. :)

        The funny thing is that when I was pregnant and nursing and as my daughter was a toddler I tried really hard to feed her good things, etc. We would have green smoothie races and I wish I would have kept it up. And I do still try to read the labels and don’t buy things with nitrates, or msg, etc. I found my self buying things out of convenience that were not so good. Then I read your blog and you have truly inspired me to get back to putting better things in our bodies.
        One of my challenges is breakfast for my daughter. So your blogs have given me the idea to make the breakfast cookies, doughnuts, etc. together with her and I think she will be more inclined to want to eat them.

        Sorry I am just going on and on here. Anyway, Thank you again for being so inspiring.

  7. I believe the company has till some time this year to pull off the market. If you notice on the shelves they now have a new formula that lacks the bad stuff. But I have not heard what is in the new stuff… so is it really ok? I have a hard time with a company who known that their product is causing eye issues and they still leave it on the shelf. I understand that formaldehyde is what numbs the eye so the other ingredients can cause the damage with out the user knowing it until its to late. Also this is our wonderful FDA who allows these types of product with issue to still be selling right off the shelves. So many products on the shelf are still being sold under voluntary recall and the public has not a clue.

    1. I agree. I really can’t trust a company like this anymore. I am going to stick with the healthier alternatives that have no funky ingredients I need to worry about. I have long since given up on the FDA.

  8. Yea, “the family company” Try the kid line from Melaluca. It’s all natural and pretty affordable but you have to order it. Not available in stores. I’m pretty well versed in it. Message me if you want more info

  9. I’ve been using their product for 15 years because I’m allergic to other soaps( starts scratching and burning my skin). I don’t want to be 45 years old and still be using baby soap

  10. While I dread the chemicals and potential harm to the kids, so you know that even the products that are labeled natural may contain same chemicals since there is no legislature re labeling and marketing of those products. Especially, is the ingredients are inactive, web distributor might not know it exists in the product. Only manufacturer knows the true ingredients and not obligated to disclose to consumers or distributor. I like Jason’s products including shampoo and toothpastes.

  11. Really people?! How many babies have you heard about that have been affected by this brand? I think you guys need to find something better to occupy your time with.

    1. My daughter had HORRIBLE skin issues. We switched to something else and it all disappeared. You keep using this stuff if you like, but I will never touch it again. I used to trust all all the manufacturers of these products. Then I started doing the research and I was shocked. You would be surprised what you find out once you start looking. This goes for food too.

  12. I don’t use ‘soaps’ anymore… I’m still trying to find the ‘perfect ‘ product. I buy products made from natural ingredients that are paraben etc, free. Even sorbolene has a chemical effect of stinging on my skin and that’s what was recommended for me. There are more products on the shelves now that are safer to use.. but I still try to find out as much as possible about the ingredients. My skin has settled and I feel better knowing I am using products that are safer than chemical laden soaps. Though I do sometimes miss the perfumes of some..Lol.

  13. Actually I’m up in PEI on vacation! never ever thought of soap. Stopped in a soap factory,
    “The great Canadian soap co”. Mom and pop farm 50 or so goats, learned more about the junk in soap called my kids to find out what there using on there kids my grandchildren. Johnson & Johnson. For you moms this stuff is pretty special, I was impressed. made for goat milk and a bunch of other natural ingredients.
    P.S. Just a grandfather on a trip.

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