Copycat Mary’s Gone Crackers!

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When you decide to eat a diet of just wholesome foods, it’s hard to find a cracker that fits the criteria.  It was quite disappointing to read labels and find most crackers contained added sugar or highly processed grains.  I also keep wanted to find a healthy cracker that my picky toddlers would eat.  I finally found a good one in Mary’s Gone Crackers.  They are organic, vegan, gluten free and non GMO verified.  I love them and so do my kids, but at $4 a box, they can be quite pricey.  Since we go through them so fast, I thought I would try making a homemade Mary’s Gone Cracker version.  They came out really good!

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They are pretty easy to make and you can add in your own ingredients to customize your favorite flavors.  It’s also a great recipe to do with your kids.  Not really a lot of messy ingredients or measuring.  I find when I get my kids involved in the prep work, they are more likely to eat the food.

For starters, I just did a multi-seed cracker.  I really love their herb flavor, so that will be my next batch.  I also threw some chia seeds because they are so good for you.  I try to toss them in everything from baked goods to smoothies and in between.  To help keep costs down, I bought all of the ingredients out of the bulk bins at Whole Foods.  Here is my recipe.

Copycat Mary’s Gone Crackers!
Homemade Mary’s Gone Crackers!

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Yield: 25-30 crackers

Homemade Mary’s Gone Crackers!



  • Preheat oven to 350.
  • In a food processor, combine the quinoa and rice into a mushy consistency.
  • Add in all the seeds and salt with a bit of water and pulse until you have a mushy ball.
  • Get out a sheet of parchment paper about the size of a baking sheet and lay it on the counter.
  • Take half of the mixture and place it on the parchment.
  • Using a rolling pin and some plastic wrap, roll out the mixture, putting the plastic wrap between the rolling pin and the mixture. That way, you can roll it out without it getting stuck.
  • Roll as thin as possible and then transfer the parchment and rolled mixture onto a baking sheet.
  • Repeat the same steps with the second half.
  • Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.
  • Pull them out and carefully flip them and bake for another 12 minutes.
  • When they are done, carefully break them into bite sized pieces and bake for an additional 10 minutes or until the pieces are crispy.

I got about 25 – 30 crackers out of my batch. They should keep for a week or so. Enjoy!

98 thoughts on “Copycat Mary’s Gone Crackers!

  1. These look so yummy. Do you know if you saved money making these on your own? If so, do you know about how much?

    1. I am not sure, but I imagine it does save money. I bought all the ingredients in bulk so I imagine it does save quite a bit of money. Mary’s Gone Crackers are almost $5 a box. Plus, with this recipe, you can create your own flavors.

  2. We are starting to think that you are a genius!
    Def going to try making these soon! I have been looking for a healthy organic cracker/chip to pack with my lunch! Most I gave found have corn flour or potato flour! I’m allergic to corn and have a hard time with potatoes! Ugh! :(

    Can’t wait to try these! Thank you!!!

  3. These are awesome! I made them this morning and used leftover cooked oatmeal instead of the brown rice bc that’s what I had on hand. I used about 3T water and It never turned into a ball in my food processor but still seemed to work fine. Also after breaking them in pieces i just turned oven off and left them in the oven all morning. they got super crispy without getting burned. I wish I had them on the big road trip we just got back from!! :)

    1. Yay! So happy you liked them! I may try them with oatmeal sometime too. I love oats and always have them on hand.

  4. Thank you for this recipe! I have a question, Mary’s crackers look like they were rolled into logs and then sliced. Do you think this dough would hold up to that vs. rolling them out?

    Thank you again!!!!

  5. very nice recipe…my version is Take raw quinoa flout, Brown rice floor, oatmeal floor, seeds as per your preference and then mix them with spices and enough water adding little by lite and make in to a firm dough.
    divide the dough.then roll in on a clean countertop using a rolling pin,into a creditcard size thickness..then cut it into circle,or any shape u like using any lid,or cookie cutters..then bake them by spreading on a foil or pan.this is how Marys gone crackers are originally prepared

  6. I just finished rolling these guys out onto two dehydrator trays. I don’t want to run my oven tonight so thought the dehydrator would be an option. I added fresh basil but not sure if I added enough. Here’s to hoping. Thanks for the recipe.

      1. They turned out pretty good I think. Not sure what their suppose to be like but I like em. I had them on 135* for about 1 hour and 45 minutes and then flipped them over and let dry for another 45 minutes there about. I scored them before I put them in dehydrator so I could have square crackers and I scored one tray much bigger so I could use them as “bread” slices for sandwiches.
        Thanks again….I have sweet potatoes cooked in fridge to make your veggie burgers next.

        1. Great! Glad you like them. :) The sweet potatoes are my favorite veggie burger. If you eat them with avocado they are even more delicious!

  7. I am soooo excited to try these!! Bought my first boxes this week and they are gone already! I do not have flax seed on hand, but have a lot of flaxseed meal. May try that instead. Thanks for the recipe!!

  8. I like cooking so I think I’ll try these. Mary’s gone crackers are my favorite cracker and not just because of the name. But did you know that Costco carries the in a BIG box?

  9. These are delicious! I took 1/5 to 1/4 of the mixture at a time and used my tortilla press instead of using a rolling pin. What do you think about adding some hemp hearts? Would I need to reduce any of the other ingredients? Thanks!

    1. That’s great! I have never used hemp hearts, so I am not familiar with them. Are they different from the seeds?

      1. The bag of “Hemp Hearts” I bought at Costco is subtitled, “Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds,” so I guess they are hemp seeds. I’m new to this so I have no idea if people eat unshelled hemp seeds. :)

        1. I have never de-shelled my hemp seeds so I guess they would be okay to add. I don’t think you need to do less of anything else.

  10. I’m so excited about this recipe and about your blog in general. I just found you through “just eat real food” and I’m so glad that i did, you have so many awesome recipes that I’m so excited to try! I was just at Whole Foods with Mary’s on my list, then I paid attention to the price (because apparently before I was just glad to find a whole clean cracker and didn’t notice the cost). I can’t wait to try these! I noticed you’re in Dallas. I just moved to Arlington from Austin if you have any suggestions on places to eat or shop in the metroplex I’d appreciate any suggestions:)

    1. Hi Christine! I am so glad you found me too! This recipe is great and so easy. I don’t know the Arlington area very well. I am in Richardson and I do most of my shopping at Sprouts, Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. We love to go to Spiral Diner and The Loving Hut to eat.

  11. Made them this weekend and LOVE that I don’t have to spend $5 a box anymore! This recipe is so easy and versatile. Also love how many different flavor options there are. Thanks for posting!

  12. Hi! Thank you for this recipe! I have seen so many bloggers raving about these crackers, so I’m excited to try them, but have never bought them due to the soy.

    We also avoid grains for health reasons. Do you have any ideas for what I could replace the brown rice with? I’m not a very experienced baker (especially gluten free baking!), so I was hoping that I could tap into your knowledge :)

  13. I just made these tonight for the first time and I can’t believe it – they taste just like Mary’s!! They were so easy to make. Thank you so much for this recipe! Will definitely be making them often :)

      1. Oh. Em. Gee. I just finished making these (well, I took some of the crispier edges off the entire piece before breaking them into larger pieces and..WOW!). So easy, and I’m sure they have to be cheaper than buying the “originals”. They don’t give you much in those boxes! They are also healthier: You know what else I like? The fact that I can control what/how much herbs I can put in them! I sprinkled a little garlic powder in addition to the ground thyme, basil, and parsley. Also the cook time. DH LOVES them dark, just like the “originals”. I prefer them not so, um, toasty! Great recipe! This is a keeper and I will recommend to all my GF friends! Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the great recipes!

        1. Yay! So happy you like them! I love that about it too. The recipe is so versatile! Btw, I have a new gluten free cracker posting tomorrow on the blog. :)

  14. I love Mary’s Crackers! I usually buy them at Costco in their big, big box for about $8, but they only have the plain kind. I about cried the other day when I was at Costco and the lady told me they weren’t going to carry them anymore. I found them on Amazon for about $3.75 for a box, but this recipe will still be cheaper, plus customizable. YAY!!

  15. I was hesitant to try this recipe. I could only imagine flipping my crackers and something bad happening. I forged ahead ;)
    Love this recipe: easy/simple ingredients and did I say easy? Simply delish and I have never had a Mary’s cracker.
    This will become part of my regular cooking repertoire and a must share for my grain/gluten/dairy/soy Free friends. AWESOME! I love your recipes.

  16. Just made these and they’re great! I did add hemp hearts as well as some garlic and herbs. My toddler loves them also! Will definitely make these regularly! Thank you for the recipe!! ;)

    1. Thanks Adrienne! I’m happy you enjoyed them. Your recipes look amazing as well. I will be trying those almond joy bars soon. :)

  17. Made these but the crackers are still pretty chewy. I tried them after their third trip into the oven, but figured they needed to stay in for a little longer as they were pretty chewy. I popped them back in for an additional 7-8 minutes and let them cool down, but they’re still pretty chewy. The only crispy parts are on the very outside – any recommendations?

    1. Hmm… I’m not sure why that happened. Maybe you can turn down the heat to about 200 and cook them for a bit longer. By turning down the heat, you will not burn them.

  18. These are fabulous! I’ve made them twice now (total “Mary’s Gone” junkie) and I think the key is to roll it out really thin. Couple of tips that helped me make them even more perfect: When I take them out to break them up for their final bake, I use scissors to cut them into relatively even sizes. Also, like I do with Granola, when they are done with their final bake, I turn off the oven and leave them in their for at least a couple of hours so they really get crisp. Yum!

  19. I’ve made these a few times already! They’re delicious & taste just like Mary’s…my husband even likes them. I think the key is spreading out the mixture really thin with the rolling pin, so that they get crispy…thanks for this recipe, I plan on making this regularly.

    1. I’m glad you like the recipe! Yes the mixture does need to be rolled out very thin. Currently, I am trying to work on a homemade version of Beanitos. I love them, but they are so expensive as well.

      1. Hi Melissa,
        Quick question. How do you store these? if I put them in bags they get soggy. I’d like to keep them crispy.

        1. Store them in an airtight container with some rice scattered at the bottom. The rice will help absorb the moisture and keep them crunchy.

  20. This recipe is amazing! I doubled the portions and got four batches. I then experimented with different flavours for each batch. In one I put nutritional yeast, red chilli powder, onion flakes, and garlic salt and eliminated the sesame seeds. I added onion flakes, caraway seeds, and garlic powder with dried basil to another. In total I was able to roll the batches out thin enough to yield 40 crackers per batch. Next time I’m going to try an asian flavour by adding soya sauce, with mirrin instead of water for the binding then place sea week on top of the batch. I also scored the shapes not all the way but enough to be able to break them into small triangles.
    Thank you so very much!

  21. My 2nd try at a copy of the original (I still have most of the first box I bought!) worked out very nicely by simply making a wet enough mix to drop off a teaspoon at the right height into a nice, round plop. Dehydrate at 200 degrees for a couple hours or however long it takes, and that’s it. Also made some with yam, flax and poppyseed, and that’s very tasty. (I raise my own poppyseed, but whatever works!)

  22. Thanks so much for getting the basics down for this recipe. My revisions were: I had everything but quinoa so I used Kasha. I did not precook the rice or kasha and instead ground into a coarse flour yeilding just under a cup of each. I then added all of the seeds in the quantities posted. My spices/herbs were garlic powder, cayenne powder, thyme, and a fresh ground italian herb mixture. For the liquid I used equal parts of water and tamari adding slowly until a mushy enough texture that I could spread onto the parchment. I don’t have a rolling pin so used my hands and got it fairly thin. Baked per temp and time in recipe. I used my pizza cutter to cut into pieces when I reached that point in the instructions. I didn’t think my husband would like them but we both really like them a lot. I am going to pick up the quinoa today so it will be on had for the next batch!

    1. You are so welcome! I am glad you enjoyed the recipe. It is so versatile. I have experimented with several different variations myself!

  23. Hi! I would love to try your recipe to take these crackers camping. :) My toddler loves crackers but is not fond of the texture of grains, so I thought I’d give this a try. Plus, I’m hoping they can be stored in a container and not refrigerated… do you store them? Do you refrigerate them? When you say they keep for about a week or so, would that work just inside a container, do you think? Thanks so much! :)

    1. I think these might be okay outside the refrigerator for a few days. Store them in an airtight container with some rice scattered on the bottom. The rice will help absorb the moisture and keep the crackers dry.

  24. A very easy recipe to work with, and thank you for this idea! I didn’t have any brown rice or quinoa, so I just used white rice and added black and white sesame seeds, flax seeds, pepitos, soy nuts, sunflower seeds, a bit of olive oil and soy sauce and made a very tasty bunch of crackers. Parchment paper was the only way to go, you have that spot on. Handling the dough is a mess so don’t even try to work with it with your hands. I’ll be making this again and experimenting with herbs and dried veggies and cheeses. My kitchen smells so good too.

  25. I feel dumb asking this….but do you think this will work if I use flaxseed meal vs just the seeds? I have a whole box of meal that I am looking to use up.

    1. So glad you liked my version. I love this recipe because you can add whatever flavors you like to it. It’s very adaptable.

  26. These are awesome!!! I love Mary’s Gone Crackers, but haven’t been able to find them since I moved from America to the Netherlands. Not only is this very cost effective, these crackers taste awesome! Good work!

  27. I just opened up a box of marys gone crackers and am hooked. I thankfully found your recipe and cant wait to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing!

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