PB Cookie Dough Bites

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These little bites can be made in  minutes with just a handful of real ingredients.

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Peanut butter and chocolate were just made for each other and these cookie dough bites are delicious!  This is a great recipe to make with your kids too.  My daughter had a lot of fun rolling these into balls and sticking the chips on.  She was also trying to sneak in bites for herself as well.  :)  I am a big fan of everything no bake.  Who isn’t? :)  These are the peanut butter version of my No Bake Cooke Dough Bites.

PB Cookie Dough Bites

PB Cookie Dough Bites

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 12 balls

PB Cookie Dough Bites


  • 1 cup peanuts
  • 1 cup gluten free rolled oats
  • 3 T maple syrup
  • 2 T peanut butter
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 T chocolate chips


  • In the food processor, blend up the peanuts and oats. 
  • Once they are ground into a course consistency, add in the rest of the ingredients except for the chocolate chips.  You may need to soften the peanut butter slightly to get it to blend well. 
  • Pulse until a dough starts to form. 
  • Roll into balls and stick on the chocolate chips. 
  • Place them in the fridge to set for about 30 minutes.  I got 12 balls out of my batch.  Enjoy!

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    1. And I do hope I can win a REAL food processor and get rid of my tiny one I used to make baby food years ago! :)

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    If you’re going to snack, may as well snack healthy, as in these bites! Looks great!

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    Also, I ‘like’ both pages on Facebook.
    I’m sorry, I was drooling about peanut butter and chocolate. ;-)

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    Thanks for the inspiration and giving us easy alternatives to the processed not so healthy “healthy” foods!

    Dr. k

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    I was already going to comment today to tell you how much I am in love with your Coconut Almond Fudge! Oh-Em-Gee! 2 of my 3 favorite flavors combined in a clean eating recipe?! Oh yeah! Made some last night for the first time and now I’m glad that my family isn’t crazy about coconut. I’d have to fight them off! Please keep the deliciousness coming. :D

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  179. Greetings. Having temporarily lost my”independence”, from a fall, on July 4th (Independence Day), which resulted in the need for surgery on my R. arm..I would be able to use my left hand to prepare healthier choices, if I was chosen to receive this wonderful machine. .

  180. everyone i know has one and makes alot of yummy stuff with less hassle then i would have. so for very long time i have wanted a cuisinart. im not very lucky tho. lol. but what the heck, i’ll give it a try. good luck to everyone else!

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  192. Thanks for the recipe. I have made these before with cashews and LOVE THEM, my husband also loves them, BUT I like peanut butter so much so I am excited to try them this way. My husband and I try to eat raw often, and recently have decided to just do raw desserts so I have made a couple lately and am glad to have resources like yours :)
    Anyway a couple weeks ago we broke our food processor and I have been trying to convince him we need the Cuisinart food processor cause my sister in law has it and I love it. But he would like to stick to a cheaper Ninja 2 cup processor… which I don’t like… (hint hint, nudge nudge)
    Anyway, even if I don’t win, thanks for blogging, I appreciate it :)

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    I have never used one before. Doesn’t mean I’m not willing to give it a try though! :)
    I do have a question about your recipe. I would love to make it but am wondering about some substitutions. Since I don’t have a way to ground up the peanuts could you tell me if you think it would work with something like PB2? That is powdered peanuts without the added sugar and less fat. You just add water to make it the consistency you want. I was thinking about using that but making it a bit thicker than regular peanut butter so it’ll be a bit course? Do you think that might work?
    Thanks so much!

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    I like Cuisinart on fb
    I like My Whole Food Life on fb too!

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    1. I came across a posting of yours from one of my friends on fb and first let me start by saying thank you. I have done everything you have asked so please please pretty please let me Win!!!!! I have been a strict vegetarian since the 9th grade and I am 38 yrs old now so for almost 24yrs I have lived this type of life style but with your recipes and your encouragement I can and will go to the next step. Thank you for you.

      (I rewrote my post here because my original post had mistakes in it due to the lovely auto correcting I am sorry for that)

      if you pick me I can guarantee that the criusinart will be used very often and for good and healthy food.

      Thank you for coming into my life.

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    Thanks for all your amazing recipes too :-)

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  231. I really enjoy your recipes. My son is autistic and a lot of processed and dyed foods in his diet is not good.

  232. I’ve never had one, would love one. I think it would really open up more recipes for me. Good luck to all!

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  241. I stood in line looking at processors for 1 hour the other day and walked out empty-handed. None compare to Cuisinart– I love this processor more than any other and more-so because you love it too! Cuisinart litterally helps you live longer by making it easy to prepare the healthiest food choices on the Earth. Love Love your site! I have learned so much! Jennifer

  242. A friend introduced me to your blog last week. I’ve been having great fun surfing through recipes and your thoughts. I can’t wait to try a few recipes myself!

  243. Been following and using your recipes since the beginning of this year. My friend Lena & I joined up and have been trading/sharing recipes, tips, tools, brands, books, etc. for a health lifestyle makeover as part of our New Year’s resolutions. Thank you for helping us along the way!

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    A Cuisinart is one of the only tools missing from my kitchen, it would be great to win one!

  247. Thanks for putting together this amazing giveaway! If I am lucky enough to be the winner, this Cuisinart with have a very busy life with me!

  248. Thanks for putting together this amazing giveaway! If I am lucky enough to be the winner, this Cuisinart with have a very busy life with me!

  249. Love, Love, Love your blog! I never thought I would be able to cut the sugar out but your recipe have changed all that! I would love to win this cuisinart food processor to make your yummy recipes faster and easier for my family of 6. I liked your blog and cuisinart on FB.

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  253. Thank you so much for organizing this giveaway. Also just wanted to let you know that the recipes you post are just the easy but healthy type I’m looking for and many times I’ve reposted them.

  254. Looks Delish! I am already a fan of your pages, and now i have commented! Hope to win this awesome machine so i can start making some of your recipes easier!!!

    1. Raw peanuts were on sale at my local grocery store this past week…how else would people be able to make their own boiled peanuts if you couldn’t but them raw??

      1. I was thinking about this and they sell raw peanuts in the shell in the grocery store. How can they not be raw if they are still in the shell??

        1. well, they can be roasted in the shell…and they can even be deep fried in the shell (and then you eat the whole thing!! – got them at the farmers’ market once :) & they were delish). but we just bought them and boiled them…so I know you can get them raw, but whether or not they should be eaten that way is something else all together! BTW I also use frozen bananas to make an ice cream like treat that is simple. Throw frozen banana & handful of blue berries in a food processor & run until smooth. SO nice on a hot summer day!!

          1. Thanks for clearing that up. I do the frozen banana thing too! I love that the possibilities are endless and it’s a healthy treat for my kids. :)

  255. The thing I could bake and cook with an awsome food processor. Can’t wait for the drawing. Good luck to all. :)

  256. I absolutely love your recipes. The Lara bars are fantastic and the almond joy bites are amazing! I’d love to win the food processor too!! Thanks for the chance:)

  257. I have never owned a food processor, and see so many wonderful ways to use one! So far I just use a little chopper; weird for as much as I like to cook! :)

  258. Hi. I liked Cuisinart and I already LOVE your facebook. How exciting I have always wanted one, glad I saw the post :) Thanks for all the contests and the great recipies… yummmmy

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  261. My food processor broke the other night, while I was trying to make coconut butter….would love a new one…Thanks

  262. These look delicious! I need a food processor to make it first though. :D It would make a lot of the other things I like to make a whole lot faster and easier too. XD

  263. Thanks for the chance to win a new food processor. You know I love your blog and recipes! I have some dates asking to be turned into larabars… just have to choose which recipe of yours to use! Thanks again… you making eating clean easier for me!

  264. Ok, so I got it done. I had trouble Liking the link for Cuisanart. Their website is really cool I’m gonna go back and browse. Oh, and so is your blog.

  265. I am learning many knew and healthier ways to eat and would love to have this. It would help so much with many of them.

  266. Super excited about this giveaway…I’ve always wanted a Cuisinart!! And I’m totally impressed with your Blog and your Facebook page…especially the “Exposed” articles! Keep up the great work!!

  267. I love my little Cuisinart! It’s such a work horse!! I would love love love the 7 cup-er!

    Great recipes, mywholefoodlife!!! I recently shared with a friend who just discovered she is pre-diabetic. Thanks for all your ideas!

  268. I would love to win this Cuisinart food processor to make all of your delicious recipes from My Whole Food Life. I am sure it is a lot more useful than a blender. Thank you for all of your dedication and deliciousness.*fingers crossed*