Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Donuts

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Donuts.  To quote my husband, “I could eat this entire plate right now.”  Yeah, these are that good!

They are guilt free because they are made with wholesome ingredients. So feel free to have a few.


chocolate covered pumpkin donuts


Before we embarked on this unprocessed lifestyle, we used to get donuts from Starbucks every Saturday morning.  I think my daughter and husband have missed them the most.

So this was my way of trying to offer them a healthier option.  These are baked and made with whole grains and no processed sugars.


I think this picture says it all, doesn’t it?  She could not shovel them in her mouth fast enough. Haha.

Looking for more pumpkin recipes?

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Donuts

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Donuts

Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 15 min


    For the donut

    For the chocolate coating

    • 2 cups chocolate chips
    • 3-4 T milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)


    1. Preheat oven to 350. 
    2. Grease a mini muffin tray
    3. In one bowl mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and spices. 
    4. In another bowl mix pumpkin, maple syrup, applesauce, egg, milk and vanilla until smooth. 
    5. Add dry to wet and mix just until combined. 
    6. Spoon mixture into the mini muffin tins and bake for about 11 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. 
    7. After the mini muffins have cooled start the chocolate coating.
    8. Using a double boiler, melt the chocolate chips and the milk until you get a smooth chocolate sauce.
    9. Roll the donuts into the chocolate sauce until it is covered. 
    10. Then place each covered donut onto a baking sheet or plate and put in the freezer for at least 10-15 min. 
    11. Store them in the fridge on a plate or baking sheet.


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    88 thoughts to “Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Donuts”

    1. Looks delishI My hubby and son will definitely love this. :-). Btw, you said 3/4 pumpkin, is it raw or cooked one already? More power to your blog!
          1. I have tried it with real pumpkin! We actually cut up a huge pumpkin from Halloween and used it for months! If you don't want to use canned pumpkin, you can use a fresh sweet potato too.
    2. I made these tonight and wow they are fabulous. I had to make myself stop eating them. I honestly was a little skeptical but the taste is amazing!
      1. Mine made close to 3 dozen. I used the mini muffin tins and kind of formed them into balls. I actually originally made this recipe back in October and pulled some out of the freezer to re-make today so I could re-shoot the photo. Even after a few months in the freezer they were still delicious!
        1. Did you roll the batter into balls and then put it in the mini muffin tin, or did you just plop the batter into the muffin tin and then roll them into balls after they baked?
            1. Oh, but you said in your previous comment that you formed them into balls. So my question is, did you form them into balls before or after baking?
            2. I did before baking. I used spoons to form them as best I could when I drop them into the muffin tin. The dough is too wet to form with your hands.
    3. Hi. These look great and I would love to bake them. I am wondering if there is a particular brand of chocolate tat you recommend? I was a bit surprised to see chocolate on a whole foods page...
      1. I actually used carob chips. They are less sweet than chocolate chips, but feel free to use chocolate chips as well. Enjoy Life makes some pretty decent chocolate chips that are grain sweetened.
      1. I have never tried with gluten free flour. You can try. It may work okay since the pumpkin will help bind everything together.
        1. Thanks, they turned out great with gluten free flour. Since my son has so many food allergies it was great to make was his first time ever eating a donut and let me say him and the entire family couldn't get enough :).
          1. I'm new to all of this and I'm trying to go GF. I'm really confused with the different GF flours. I bought a GF All Purpose Flour, Almond Meal, and Coconut Flour. Which should I use in this recipe? How do you know what to change it out with and is it a 1:1 switch or some other ratio? Thank you!
            1. I would use gluten free all purpose and it's a 1:1 ratio. Please report the results. :) Normally, in GF baking, you need to add a binder, but I think in this recipe the pumpkin should help with the binding.
            2. Have a look at Gluten Free Made Easy website and FB page. Their recipe club with be a huge help to you. Lots of info on flours, etc. They have an awesome blend that replaces flour in any recipe. Easy as to make up. .
    4. Did you form these into balls after you baked them? and could a person use 1/3 pumpkin instead of 1/3 cup applesauce....
      1. I kind of made little balls with a spoon. The dough was too sticky to roll. I think 1/3 pumpkin and 1/3 applesauce should work well too.
        1. should have asked this before but I have a 1 tablespoon scoop i'am going to use, what i'am wondering is if I bake them on a cookie sheet would they spread too much or would they even spread at all?
    5. I just made these for my kids to have as an after school snack and all I have to say is YUMM-O! These are absolutely delicious! Maybe my new fav! I am hoping the kids do NOT like them so there is more for me to devour! :)
    6. I made these today and WOW! My husband and I couldn't stop eating them and my 16 month old daughter loved them without the chocolate coating.
      1. White whole wheat is a whole grain flour despite the name. I only learned that a few months ago. :) But yes, it will work with regular whole wheat and also whole wheat pastry flour.
      1. You can use either of those. Or plain yogurt too. The coconut oil would make it very oily though, so I would try butter or plain yogurt.
        1. I keep all sort of Happy Family baby food pouches on hand. It is fun to add different fruit or fruit/veggie combos. I use in place if oils and fats or wherever a recipe calls for applesauce.
    7. Hi - I just made these for the first time and they turned out very dense and not cake like. Is that what should happen or did I do something wrong. I'm new to baking.
      1. These are healthier and baking with whole grain flours does produce a denser product. If you are not used to baking with whole grains, then they will seem very dense to you. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations. :)
        1. I just was not sure if it turned out right. I actually just ate 1 & it's much better with the chocolate & cold. Thanks for your feedback. Can't wait to share with my office.
    8. WOW! I made these gluten free and using pumpkin pie spice because I don't have cloves on hand. It was my first time using a flax egg also! After the first batch was baked, I tired one and thought it was not very good. I didn't taste any sweetness so I added coconut sugar to taste in the remaining batter. So I made another batch, and it was just ok. I dipped them in chocolate (that I scorched on the double boiler, hee hee) and let it set. They are amazzzzing! Really lovely texture and taste! Thank you!
      1. Awesome! Yes, the donuts by themselves are not very sweet, but added with the chocolate it works out. Glad you enjoyed them! :)
    9. I am trying this recipe today with a twist! Using this donut recipe( , but making them in mini cupcake tins & dipping them in your chocolate sauce! We are kind of pumpkined out, but love chocolate! I think I will try it with zucchini too, instead of pumpkin!
    10. These donuts came out amazing. They are still so moist inside. Thank you so much for the recipe! I made them for my sister in law and I. We both love Pumpkin and Chocolate and for Oct we are doing 31 days of pumpkin recipes and this was our day 3!!

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