Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup (Vegan)

I love my crock pot.  Do you?  Crock pot meals are so easy.  Throw everything in, turn on and walk away.  I try to make everything I can in the crock pot.  Especially soups.

This black bean soup is no exception.  I already have a white bean soup on the blog, so I thought it was about time to add a crock pot black bean soup to the mix.


Black Bean Soup - My Whole Food Life 1

I just love the way a slow cooker brings out so much flavor in soup.  This slow cooker black bean soup has a very small list of ingredients, but it’s so flavorful.

I highly suggest topping this black bean soup with some avocado like a did in the picture.  Delish!

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

Crock Pot Black Bean Soup

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time PT4-5H Serves 4 servings     adjust servings

An easy one pot meal your family will love!



  1. Put all ingredients in the crock pot .
  2. Cook on high for the first hour.
  3. After the first hour, turn down to low and continue to cook for 3-4 hours.


Recipe Notes

If you want to cook the soup in less time, you can keep it on high. However, I think the longer a soup cooks, the better the flavor gets. If you are using dried beans, there is no need to boil them prior to using if you plan to cook the soup all day. If you want to cook the soup in a short amount of time, you will need to boil the beans first. That will ensure they get soft enough. Enjoy!

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64 thoughts to “Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup (Vegan)”

  1. Hi Melissa, What about presoaking the beans if you are letting the soup cook all day? Thanks, Valeria P.S. Is crock pot the same thing as the slow cooking pot? I am always confused between the difference the crock pot and the pressure cooker.
    1. You still need to soak them overnight if you cook the soup all day. If you have a pressure cooker I don't think you need to, but I am not 100% sure. A crock pot is an electric pot that you can keep on your counter. You can also make this soup on the stove as well if you don't have a crock pot.
      1. Hi Melissa, If cooking this soup on the stove, how long would you say it should take? For chili I soak the beans overnight and then it takes about 1.5 hours. But not sure for this soup? When I make other soups with beans, it usually takes about 1.5 hours too. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot. Valeria
    2. I have made black bean soup many times and never soaked the beans. I just cook the soup all day and it comes out beautifully. Just make sure you don't put any tomatoes in before they are fully cooked.
          1. Pretty sure she meant not to add tomatoes until the beans are fully cooked, because the tomatoes will turn to mush by the time you cook unsoaked beans.
        1. According to Cooking with Maryln in Cincinnati You don't add tomato products while softening beans, because the the acid in tomatoes keep the beans from softening. I called her because I couldn't cook tender baked beans.
    3. I've been making black bean soup in the crockpot for years and I've never done the soaking part. I cook on high for 4 hours and it's perfect! I then purée half of the soup and put it back in the crockpot for a creamier texture :) So the pre-soaking part isn't a necessity.
  2. Yes, I love my crock pot, too! In fact, I have a vegetable soup in mine right now! Starting to smell so good and will be nice on a cold day like today! Am going your black bean soup soon, sounds really good! Probably this weekend. We love soups and eat them a lot in the winter!!
  3. Hi Melissa, Thanks for your reply. So if it's 4 cups after soaking, how many cups do you put to soak? Look forward to making this. I love black beans. Thanks, Valeria P.S. Any idea why I am not receiving your replies in my email account? Checked spam, but not there either :-(
    1. Before soaking, I would say 3 cups? It doesn't have to be exact. So it's okay if I am slightly off. I usually just eyeball the beans. I am not sure why you are not getting responses. Is there an option to subscribe to comments on the thread?
  4. The beans more than double in size when soaked, so I would say 1 1/2-1 3/4 c dry beans soaked overnight in 2 c water would equal 4 c raw soaked beans.
    1. I wished i had known that from the recipe! I need 4 more crock pots! Oops. Well winter is coming i guess i can freeze it and toot up the house on a blizzard day.
  5. Do you think this would work if I just cooked on low for significantly longer, like 8 to 10 hours, while I'm at work? Love your delicious and simple recipes!
  6. Any thoughts on using canned beans? Just because I want to make it *right now* and I haven't soaked any beans over night! Or, could I leave it on low all day tomorrow? I'm usually gone for 9 1/2 hours for work.
    1. You can use canned beans as well. It would equal about 2 cans of beans. If you used canned beans, you can make it right now in probably less time than we did. :)
      1. I decided to just go ahead and soak the beans overnight, but now have everything ready to go. Looking forward to dinner already!
      1. Hi Melissa, I made the soup today and felt inspired to add chop tomatos at the end and the soup came out amazing! Totally delish! Thanks for the recipe!
  7. Hi Melissa, I used the recipe and it smells so good but the only difference was that I used canned beans. Its been in the crock pot for 5 hours and it doesn't look like the picture. It still is clear looking. Should I not have rinsed the beans since they were in the canned?
    1. Really? Maybe canned beans makes a difference? If I was using canned beans, I still would have rinsed them. Not sure what happened. :(
  8. I doubled the recipe and let it cook 8 hours on low (after cooking 1 hour on high) Delicious! I also took about 6 c. of soup out at pureed in the blender before stirring back into the crock pot. Made the soup a bit richer and creamier. Great recipe! I'm going to be eating black bean soup for a while and that's okay with me!
  9. Love the simplicity of this recipe! I intend to use frozen black beans. Do you think I need to thaw them first? Not sure if starting them from frozen will make it too soupy. Thanks!
  10. Since I had more pinto beans than black beans, I went ahead & used pinto. Once done, I was saving the recipe to my "recipe folder" bookmark & read the title of the recipe, "Slow Cooker BLACK BEAN Soup" SMH Would it make a difference that I used pinto instead of black beans? I hope not, but guess I'll find out in 5hrs hehe Also, I used 4 cups of dry beans. It wasn't until now, once done preparing everything, that I went through the comments and read that it's suppose to be 4 cups post-soaked beans. Ugh!

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