Flourless Cookie Dough Truffles

I have got a treat for you today.  These flourless cookie dough truffles are so good!  You will never guess the secret ingredient hiding in this recipe.  My kids were totally fooled.  Just like they were with my Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies and my Flourless Brownies.  These cookie dough truffles are not only flourless, but they are nut free as well!

Cookie Dough Truffles - My Whole Food Life

Perfect for kiddos who have nut allergies.  These cookie dough truffles are also gluten free.  The perfect bite of sweetness with none of the guilt.

Flourless Cookie Dough Truffles

Prep Time 10 min Serves 15 bite sized truffles     adjust servings

A sweet treat without the guilt!


    For the cookie dough

    For the chocolate

    • 1 3.5 oz dark chocolate bar or 1 cup Enjoy Life nut free chips
    • 1/4 cup flax milk


    1. In a food processor , grind the chickpeas.
    2. Then add in the oats and continue to mix for another minute.
    3. Lastly, add in the remaining ingredients for the cookie dough and mix until everything is combined.
    4. Roll the mixture into balls, place them on a lined baking sheet and stick them in the freezer for a couple minutes.
    5. While the balls are chilling, make the chocolate coating.
    6. Using a double boiler, melt the chocolate and milk together while stirring constantly.
    7. One the chocolate is melted, roll each ball in the chocolate and place them back on the parchment lined baking sheet.
    8. Once all the balls are covered in chocolate, store them in the fridge. They will get way too hard in the freezer.


    Recipe Notes

    Once all the truffles are coated in chocolate, they will need to chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes to set the chocolate coating.


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    48 thoughts to “Flourless Cookie Dough Truffles”

    1. Wow, if this recipe tastes as good as it looks, it'll be amazing! I'm always looking for high-protein recipes, especially nut free ones (BORING but school-friendly) so this one fits the bill. Thanks! Janine
    2. These look amazing! Question though - If they have almond milk in them, are they still considered nut free? My daughter likes to sit at the "nut free" table with a friend who has an allergy every day at lunch, and I actually just told her yesterday that she wouldn't be able to sit there if I sent muffins along because it had JUST dawned on me that we always use almond milk, even if the muffins don't have any peanut butter or nuts added to them. I sent her to school with one of your chocolate chip gingerbread muffins (so good, by the way!) last week thinking we were golden, but now I'm not so sure because of the almond milk...? (I have no experience with peanut allergies at all!) Any idea?
      1. Hi Stephanie! I have edited the post to include a non nut milk based milk. Almond milk is not always an option for those with peanut allergies. For the chocolate, you can use Enjoy Life chips they are nut free. :)
        1. Awesome! Thank you! Another question - :) How do cacoa nibs compare to chocolate chips? I've used cacoa powder in place of cocoa a lot, so I'm wondering if cacoa nibs could be used in place of chocolate chips? Would like to know before I buy them since they're so expensive
          1. I think they could, but they will be very bitter and the caffeine count is high too. I mostly use cacao nibs in chia pudding or oats for added crunch.
    3. I just made these and they are soo delicious! I am amazed by how good they taste. I did add a bit more vanilla extract and some stevia to bump up the sweetness. This is my new go to dessert. I'm glad I found this just in time for valentines day!
    4. These look delicious!! I am going to make this with the coconut oil cacao chocolate as a coating that you've previously mentioned (without adding the almond milk). Will let you know how they turn out!
    5. About what size balls did you make (i.e. did you use a tablespoon or any certain sized spoon to make them a consistent size)? And how many did you get out of this recipe? Thanks!
    6. Tips on using a double boiler? I tried twice, both times with a chocolate bar broken in to squares. I think I burned it because it went from just melting to clumpy and grainy looking. It didn't surprise me the first time, I think I had the heat up to high but the second time, I had the heat on medium low. Any ideas what I did wrong?
    7. If I wanted to skip the food processor and go straight for chickpea flour, do you think that would be an acceptable substitution? If so, any suggestion on how much I may need?
      1. This is just a guess, but I would say maybe 1 cup flour? I can't guarantee it will work though. Please let me know!
    8. I just made a batch of these and my boyfriend and I ate them all in about 10 minutes flat! Do you know why I might have had problems getting the chocolate to stick though? It just kept running off for some reason. I gave up in the end and just sprinkled icing sugar on them - still delicious!!
    9. Thanks for this delicious idea! Do you have any suggestions on a substitution that I could use instead of the chickpeas? My children are allergic to peanuts (which is a legume) and most beans. Thank you!

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