Matcha Truffles (Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo)

Have you tried matcha powder?  Matcha powder is made from green tea leaves.  It contains many health benefits.  Matcha powder is high in antioxidants, can help improve memory and concentration, increase energy, boost metabloism and detoxify the body.

I have been wanting to try matcha, so I was happy to get an opportunity.  I used Kiss Me Organics Matcha Powder.




Their matcha powder is organic, vegan and gluten free.  You can do all kinds of things with this matcha powder.  Smoothies, lattes, baking and raw desserts.

I am thinking about making a matcha ice cream next!  These matcha truffles are delicous.  Who wouldn’t want a truffle with antioxidants? Seriously? Win!  If you like these matcha truffles, you may also like my strawberry cream truffles.


Matcha Truffles - My Whole Food Life


These matcha truffles were seriously so good!  Melt in your mouth with hints of green tea.  If you are already into green tea, then you will love matcha!

If you make these with dark chocolate chips, you will also be getting the antioxidants from the chocolate!  Bonus!  I have even more good news, Kiss Me Organics is going to give 1 bag of matcha powder to one of you!

Matcha Truffles

Matcha Truffles

Prep Time 20 min Serves 9 truffles     adjust servings

A sweet treat with a boost of antioxidants!


    For the filling

    For the chocolate coating

    • 1 cup vegan dark chocolate chips
    • 2 T almond milk


    1. In a food processor , combine the filling ingredients.
    2. Mix for about a minute until everything looks well combined.
    3. Roll into balls and set in the freezer to firm up. (It should take about 10 minutes)
    4. To make the chocolate coating, use a double boiler method to gently heat the chocolate.
    5. Place a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water.
    6. Add the chocolate and almond milk to the glass bowl and gently melt into chocolate.
    7. Once the chocolate is melted, you can roll the balls into it. I like to use two forks to help guide the balls around in the chocolate.
    8. Once all the balls are covered in chocolate, stick them in the fridge to firm up. It should take an hour or two. If you want to firm up the chocolate faster, you can stick them in the freezer.


    Recipe Notes

    Please keep these stored in the fridge. You can also freeze them for longer storage. Enjoy!

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    Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kiss Me Organics, but all opinions are my own.

    Matcha Truffles 2 - My Whole Food Life

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    74 thoughts to “Matcha Truffles (Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo)”

    1. I have been drinking Matcha tea for it's benefits ever since I saw it on the Dr. Oz show. Can't wait to try the truffles
    2. Never heard of Matcha but I would love to try it! I have drank tea my whole life so I am sure I would like this! I am always willing to try different things! Thanks, Melissa, for the givaway!
    3. I have never tried Matcha powder, it looks like there are many health benefits to using this and so many uses , desserts and teas. I would love to win and give this a try. Maybe it would be good for my husband to he's type 2 diabetic.
    4. I love this stuff! Like little green super powder! How amazing are these truffles!!! I've gotta have some! xoxox Thanks for sharing!
    5. So excited to see you use Matcha!! I have yet to try it, but I'm even more keen to now! These truffles look amazing!! I love your truffles!!! They keep me sane! Lol
    6. mmmm. A delicious combination: chocolate and (green) tea. YUM. Thank you for giving us such delicious, easy recipes.
    7. Thank you so much Melissa!! I've never tried this powder before but would love to! These truffles look and sound amazing :)
    8. These look fab! I have heard great things about Matcha but have never tried it. I would really like to give it a try.
    9. I love matcha...I make lattes, smoothies, "shakes" & waffles with mine but would LOVE an ice "cream" recipes. Always looking for new ways to use it & with summer I bet the ice cream would be extra refreshing...can't wait to see & try that one!
      1. Awesome! I bought some more coconut milk, so I may try the matcha ice cream sometime this week! Looking forward to trying it in smoothies as well!
    10. I saw a matcha chocolate bar at earth bar the other day!! It was the smallest bar I'd ever seen, and it was going for $6.99! I was tempted to buy but the price was ridiculous. It's better to make those kinda treats at home! You're brilliant! And great giveaway btw! Thanks for the opportunity Melissa :)

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