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  1. I am going to start cutting out processed sugars and white flour, rice etc. I need to start eating clean. I use mayonnaise for tuns fish and other meat spreads. Do I need to quit using mayo and if so what do I replace it with? Does this mean I should also cut out dill relish for potato salad? Need help getting started.
    1. You can use Greek yogurt in place of mayo in tuna salad. I am not sure what is in dill relish. I would say try to find a recipe that doesn't call for sugar? You can do this Marilyn! It's tough at first, but if you can stick it out, the sugar cravings do go away!
    2. I use Tzatziki sauce in tuna salad now instead of mayo, and I love it! I used to buy the big tub at Costco, but now I make my own. Start with good plain Greek yogurt. My favorite is Fage 2%.

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