5 Tips to Stay on Track with Healthy Eating

Whenever I start something new, I always have the best intentions. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out. Healthy eating has been one of those things that has stuck. Here are some tips that help me stay on track.

1. Plan your meals – This will not only help you stay on track, but it will help you stay on budget as well. I plan all my meals before I go to the store so I only get items I need. It is also important to never shop on an empty stomach. You will be more likely to impulse buy that way.

2. Bring your lunch to work – This will also save you money. I try to batch cook on the weekends. Mostly soups in the crock pot and on the stove. I store them in serving sized containers so I can just grab them easily and put them into lunches.

3. Don’t keep junk in the house – If it’s not there to tempt you, you will not eat it. This is hard in the beginning, but I promise it gets easier.

4. Prep ahead of time – I always keep veggie sticks and hummus on hand in my fridge when I get a snack craving. Roasted chickpeas and nuts are another healthy option.

5. Try to limit your sugar intake – Sugar is addictive and encourages unhealthy snacking. The less you have, they less you will need to snack. Snacking on high fiber foods like nuts, seeds and vegetables will keep you full longer.  Check out my tips on quitting processed sugar.

What are some of your best tips?



21 thoughts to “5 Tips to Stay on Track with Healthy Eating”

  1. Those tips are about as good as it gets. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years. That doesn't mean that I always ate healthy. It's difficult in this world of easy to grab, prepared foods to just pop it in your mouth and not have to plan out a meal. I finally had to keep telling myself what that does to my body. When the pain became too much, I decided I had to do something about it. Just give Whole foods a try for two weeks. Don't stray away for two weeks. Take these five tips and do it. I believe you will notice so much of a difference that you will stick with it. For me tip number 6 would be......"Just remember how you used to feel before you gave up processed foods." That sticks in my head.
  2. I liked your Facebook page, hoping for some ideas for my new yeast, sugar, corn, soy, dairy (fun)-free diet. Went on this diet with my husband on my doctor's orders to try to rid myself of migraines. We are about 3 weeks in, and follow all of your tips above. They have truly helped, especially prepping and making big soups and storing them in serving-size containers to grab for lunches so you don't have to think about it. So far, I can't use any of your yummy looking recipes (no dates or syrup right now), but maybe someday. They do look good!
    1. That's great! I am glad to help. You know, if there is a certain sweet recipe you like, I can try to help you with substitutions for the dates. :)
      1. I'll reply to one sometime...I usually just read and skip on, I added fruit to my diet a couple days ago with not a not so nice outcome. Soooo...Let me get to where I can eat something besides meat and veggies! :)
  3. wonderful tips!!! I am having a hard time tho with the planning of meals..... im not sure (as silly as it sounds) where to begin and how to make a meal plan :/ I kindof just go with the flow... which ends up getting me into trouble ha.... any tips or mabey a sample of a meal plan??? THANKS!!!!
    1. We do a lot of soups and salads. Both are inexpensive to make and the soups make a ton! I have several recipes in my index under soups. https://mywholefoodlife.com/recipes/ For breakfast I do overnight oats. You can make 5 at a time and they are cheap too. You can find them in my index under granola and baked oatmeal. I hope that helps!
  4. Don't let your fresh foods run out - I eat too many dense calorie foods when the fresh fruits and vegetables run out and I don't feel like jumping into the car to go to the store.
  5. My biggest challenge is when we are away for a weekend. (Camping or at all day sporting events with kids). I need ideas for things I can take with pre-prepared that don't require cooking or consistent refrigeration. This is when I find myself eating processed junk because there are limited healthy options. Any suggestions?
    1. If you need snack ideas, you can make some healthier trail mix, larabars, bananas, apples, nuts, and dried fruit? When we go on trips, we always bring a cooler and fill it with healthy, homemade food.
  6. one tip I have to stay on track is reading about why the ingredients you just ate after a healthy meal are good for you. makes you feel better and sublimely makes it taste better knowing WHY its good for you. and makes you glad you avoided that cheeseburger and fries!

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