How To Make A Flax Egg

Do you have a child with an egg allergy?  Are you vegan?  You can make “eggs” out of flax meal or chia seeds.  They work great in every baking recipe I have ever made.  Here is a little diagram on how to do it.

How to make a flax egg

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  1. Hey Melissa, quick question on regarding the flax egg instructions above. Does the above combination represent 1 egg? So if the recipe calls for 2 eggs then do i double the above flax egg instructions?
  2. Thanks so much for the recipe! I will definitely be trying this, right now I'm buying an egg substitute from a local health food store but this seems less expensive and will take just as much effort to make. Appreciate all your information!!
    1. When I bake I use chia seed "eggs" as follows for one egg: 1/2 tsp chia + 1 Tbsp warm water. Mix and let sit for 4 minutes. Mix again and let sit another 4 minutes. They work great! They look gross but make your baking taste super and are super healthy! *if baking bread like I do, you may want to add a bit more water in general to help it rise. Happy baking!
  3. Thank you! What a handy piece of information to have for baking. Have you tried this with ground chia seeds? I'm assuming it would work the same but wanted to see if you had success with it that way.
  4. And, just out of curiosity, why put in the flax egg in the fridge for one minute? Say I'm an airhead (sort of true) and I forget about it for more than a minute? Will that effect the texture or the function in the cookie or baked item?
  5. I have your quinoa burgers in the oven - what a brilliant website! I have a question about the flax egg - can this be used in baking? I have children in my classes who are allergic to eggs and have a few vegan friends so it would be great if I could just supplement eggs with this flaxegg idea.
  6. ...and I just carefully re-read the title of the post: "How to Make A Flax Meal Egg Replacer"...Flax Meal=Ground Flax Seed, correct? (Sorry for the "Duh Moment")
  7. Maybe I'm not seeing it but is there measurements for the egg replacement? How much do I put in after the water?? Sorry, hope this isn't a dumb question.
      1. I attempted to make some flax eggs the other day, using ground flax seeds, but mine never set up? The flax just kind of sank to the bottom of the container - any thoughts?

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