Press Mentions

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19.  Key Lime Tarts featured on Skinny Mom under 43 Skinny Desserts to be Thankful For

20.  Overnight Oats mentioned on Mix 97 Morning Show

21. iVillage featured my Carrot Ginger Soup in Satisfying Slow Cooker Soups to Warm Your Belly

22. Crock Pot Applesauce featured on Daily Burn’s 7 Healthier Hanukkah Recipes

23. iVillage featured my Slow Cooker Quinoa on 10 Slow Cooker Breakfasts You Will Dream About

24.  Maca Energy Bars featured on Bembu. 25 Wholesome Homemade Protein Bars

25. Banana Almond Chocolate Cups winner of The Today Show’s Too Good To Be Healthy Chocolate Recipes

26. Slow Cooker Quinoa featured on the Today Show’s website

27. Homemade Sriracha featured on All Free Copycat Recipe’s website

28. Copycat Mary’s Gone Crackers featured on Huffington Post Canada

29. Coconut Vanilla Overnight Oats featured on Huffington Post Canada

30. Flourless Cookie Dough Truffles featured on Buzzfeed

31. Hemp Milk recipe featured on Natural News

32. Super Easy Vegan Nachos featured on Greatist 33 Vegan Comfort Foods That Might Be Better Than The Originals

33. Coffee Popsicles and Strawberry Popsicles featured on Healthy Popsicle Recipes from Skinny Mom

34. Pecan Pie Larabars featured on Brit & Co.

35. Strawberry Popsicles were featured on Red Tricycle

36.  Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream featured on Skinny Mom

37. Pecan Cinnamon Cookies featured on The Huffington Post

38. Overnight Oats featured on Self Magazine

39. Blueberry Muffin Bites featured on The Huffington Post

40. Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes featured on The Huffington Post

41. Strawberry Creme Truffles featured on Greatist

42. Parsnip Chips featured on Buzzfeed

43. Top 50 Vegan Blogs of 2014 Berry Ripe

44. Acorn Squash Burgers featured on The Huffington Post

45. Almond Butter Baked Oatmeal and Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal featured in Self Magazine.

46. Pumpkin Enchiladas featured of The Huffington Post

47. Fig Newtons featured on Daily Burn

48. Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats featured on

49. Slow Cooker Breakfast Quinoa featured on The Huffington Post

50. My Health Story featured on Everyday Health

51. Carrot Raisin Muffins featured on Fitness Magazine

52. Cream of Mushroom Soup was featured on Skinny Mom

53. Coconut Bread and Gluten Free Squash Bread featured on Skinny Mom

54. Overnight Oats featured on AllYou

55. Coconut Strawberry Overnight Oats featured on Fitness Magazine

56. Healthy French Fries featured in NYLON magazine.

57. Matcha Truffles featured in All You Magazine

58. Quinoa Cookies featured on Buzzfeed

59. Chocolate Protein Smoothie featured on The Huffington Post

60. Pumpkin Truffles featured on Country Living

61. Creamy Carrot Tomato Soup featured on Fitness Magazine

62. Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream and Banana Cups featured on Healthine

63. Named one of the Best Vegan Blogs by First Site Guide

64. Apple Cobbler featured on Dr Oz The Good Life

65. Pumpkin Recipes featured on Pop Sugar

66. Fig Newtons featured on Everyday Health

67. Chickpea Vegetable Soup featured on Red Tricycle

68. Ratatouille featured on Greatist.

69. Named one of the 100 Best Vegan Blogs

21 thoughts to “Press Mentions”

    1. That is because FB is limiting what you see. They want fan pages to pay to promote and most of us bloggers can't afford that. :(
  1. We have a website for expatriate women in the USA. We would love to share your amazing website with our expat women and feature one of your recipes on our website under our Global Kitchen series. Please respond and let us know. Thank you, Nyna
  2. Just curious why you have pinterest on your account but if anyone pins your posts it's a copyright infringment. I re-pinned someone else's pin who pinned one of your posts and it's been taken down by pinterest for copyright laws
    1. I am so so sorry. This has to be an error. I never filed any sort of DMCA. I love my pins getting pinned! I have contacted Pinterest about this so they can hopefully fix it. Thank you for your patience. :(
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story and healthy recipes with us. It compliments what I use in my business and really helps keep me on track. Bless you and your family and I hope to be the able to grab a few of those books to give as Christmas presents.......
  4. Hello Melissa, I have a question for you. I noticed that you have a new cookbook coming out next year called "Vegan Hacks" on My question is, will this cookbook contain meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? I came across your website and your recipes look really yummy and I would like to order your newest cookbook but there isn't any information available online. I would like to take advantage of the 25% off one book promotion Amazon has going on now through December 14th. Any information would be helpful in me making the decision on pre-ordering your cookbook. Thank you! Jermisha
    1. Hi Jermisha! Yes it will include 100 recipes for meals, snacks, breakfasts, soups, salads and desserts. Not just sweets like the first book. :)
      1. A Big Hello! Thank you so much for your very prompt reply!! Yaay!! Now I am really excited knowing that your new cookbook will be full of a variety of meals, snacks and so on. I am heading to Amazon now to place my order for your new cookbook! :) Happy Holiday's! :)
    1. Hi Mark! Can you please email me the details? I am definitely interested! Thanks!
  5. Melissa, I just discovered your blog recently and have found so many delicious recipes! I love sweets, so it's been difficult since I've been avoiding processed foods. Your dessert recipes are fantastic!! I just want to say that you guys are incredibly. Seeing your children suffer from illness is unbelievably tough and heart-wrenching for a parent. But you have managed to create something so amazing to share with the world from that experience. I admire your optimism and tenacity and wish your family all the best!

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