I get asked all the time what kind of tools I use in my kitchen. So I have created a list of all the things I use in my kitchen that help me make my recipes.

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  1. Went to your shop hoping to see you'd written a cookbook and it be available for purchase. If you don't have one out now, I hope you are working on one and it's available soon. :0)
    1. LOL! Of course, only I would post a comment and then see the one previous to mine regarding the same topic. :0) Good for you!! Can't wait to see the finished product.
    2. YES! please do a cookbook. some of us like the "old-ways" of using a book. though i'm loving all the ideas here!! great site and thank you for sharing your recipes!
      1. I do have one cookbook out already! Here is the link to it on Amazon. I am also currently writing a second book due out in early 2016. :)
          1. I have this book out now. The new book is slated to come out Sept, 6th! I hope to share new details soon. :)
  2. Hello! I recently bought the microplane grater that you recommend above which is fabulous! Could you also recommend a mandolin? I want something for cutting my cabbage into nice salad, but not too thinly! I have one but it makes the cabbage really thin and the cabbage loses its nice crunch!
  3. Hi, I love your blog! You inspired my early Santa to bring me a food processor. I am having so much fun with it :-) For sure people selling dates and nuts in the neighborhood gonna make good money on me! Hahahaha! I have a personal question. Hearing more and more crazy things about microwaves, I want to get rid of it and have a healthy solution instead. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
    1. Hi Kornelia! Thank you! I have been thinking about that as well. I really don't use mine, but my husband says we should keep it in the kitchen for re-sale value on our home. I know lots of people buy toaster ovens to do the jobs a microwave would do. I may look into that in the future, but the next appliance I will be buying is a pressure cooker. :)
  4. Hi! Love all the products, just wondered, the shampoo is not organic but the lotions and conditioner are? Or am I looking at it wrong? lol Let me know :)
    1. I just looked at it and I guess it's not organic, but it is free of all the nasty stuff. Plus it's also cruelty free and gluten free.
    1. I think you can manually add a pin onto any of your own boards. Also, if you use chrome, there is a pin it button you can install.
  5. Hi Melissa, I would love to buy your suggested items little by little! Do you still get credit if purchased from (Canada) It won't go through on the us site. (Sorry if this is a dumb question - I wanted to make sure there was a way if possible). Getting my Christmas list ready :) Thanks!
  6. What type of coffee maker do you use or recommend? We just got rid of our Keurig and are looking for a better alternative.
  7. I have a complaint and it is only because I trust your word over anyone else's. Your shopping page has not been updated in forever, you don't even have your spiralizer on it so we had to do a search last night before we bought ours. I also don't see the Instant Pot you bought a few months ago. I know you are super busy with your cute girls, your website, blog, husband, cookbook and the holidays but it may also give you some more Amazon revenue.
    1. You are absolutely right Autumn! I do need to update it. I will try and get my husband on it over the weekend. He is the one that built the page for me and he has a full time job. :) If you ever have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email. I am much better and answering those.

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