Product Review: Steve’s Paleo Goods

All of us lead busy lives. Especially during the summer.  Sometimes we have to depend on a few convenience foods to help us throughout the day.  That is where Steve’s Paleo Goods comes in.  Steve’s Paleo Goods started back in 2007 when Steve was working for his father’s exterminating business.  His real passion has always been health and fitness.  After getting to know some young teens on his inner-city route, he decided to invite them to work out with him at a local park.  He wanted to make sure these kids had some healthy food for lunches, so he began to pack jerky, dried fruit and nuts that would keep in their backpacks.  That is how the Paleo Kit was born.  Now 8 years later, Steve offers many products.  I was lucky enough to sample a few.

Steve's Paleo Goods

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