Edamame Black Eyed Pea Citrus Salad

I have a new salad recipe for you! Edamame Black Eyed Pea Citrus Salad.  Last week my husband and I went to Disney World to celebrate 10 years together.  For more vegan ideas at Disney, you can also check out this post.

We had dinner at Boma in Animal Kingdom one night.  I highly recommend!  This healthy salad recipe was inspired by one that we were served there.


Edamame Black Eyed Pea Citrus Salad


This salad comes together very quickly and would be great for a party. I think it’s best if you can let it marinate for 30 minutes before serving.  That gives it time for the flavors to marinate.

If you like my Texas Caviar, I think you should give this a try too!  If you don’t want to use edamame, green peas may also work.

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