A Comparison Of Two Organic Vegetable Broths

Just because you buy something that says organic from Whole Foods, does not mean it is the best choice.  Let’s compare these two brands.

Here is the back.

The first questionable ingredient I see is cane sugar.  Why does sugar need to be in vegetable broth?  There is also oil in here.  When I make my broth at home, I don’t add oil at all.  Lastly, I see that scary term “natural flavor”.  I tend to stay away from products with that on the ingredient list.

So let’s look at another broth.  This one is a much better choice.

Now let’s look at the back.

This is a perfect example of a product to buy.  You can identify all the ingredients and there is also no sugar or oil in it.  This comparison just reiterates how important it is to read ALL labels, even organic labels.  I love Pacific Foods and would highly recommend this product if you are in need of a store bought soup broth.

UPDATE: I now make my own broth.  Super easy! See the recipe here.

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65 thoughts to “A Comparison Of Two Organic Vegetable Broths”

  1. Thank you for the great information on Organic Soup Broth!! I just checked out the one I use and it is full of bad ingredients.. staring with Palm Oil, cane sugar, corn starch, and it goes on and on !!
    1. You are so welcome! I love Pacific broth, but I also make my own from veggie scraps. https://mywholefoodlife.com/2013/02/21/homemade-vegetable-broth/
  2. I wonder if all ingredients are on the label. Think about it. If we put those ingredients in a box and put it on the shelf for a week it would be a rotted, fermented mess without some kind of stabilizer or preservative. It doesn't make sense to me how those ingredients stay edible, especially in a box at room temperature.
  3. Adding sugar makes me mad. I make my own veggie broth from all my veg scraps (peelings) I store them in the freezer till I fill the bag them simmer them in filtered water. for 3 hrs leave overnight then drain. All healthy stuff and FREE....
      1. I just checked the Pacific Chicken Broth I bought from Costco ( free range, organic, low sodium) and the third ingredient is cane sugar. Not good!
  4. We love to use our cuttings and food scraps that we trim off from veggies and salads. For example celery greens, the core of a cabbage or cauliflower, or the stems and ends of cilantro. So I save that and any draining off of veggies (not canned and come in a juice container), any steam water or I even rinse my sauce jars and save the water for veggie broth. It only costs for the boiling and simmering of the scraps in distilled water. Pacific is a great brand with great flavor and will pump up the heartiness with it. Great post, ty.
    1. Also forgot to mention about the "natural flavors" which need transparency, since they can be using "Castoreum" which is from a beavers butt. Now I don't know about you, but to me, that's disgusting.
  5. I love Pacific Coast's Almond milk for when I don't feel like making my milk, I'll have to look for the broth for emergency"I'm out of my own."
  6. I live in Canada and the largest chains are Safeway, Costco and superstore. I have gone into these stores many times and attempted to buy products with out crap. The choices I am left with is laughable. Cane sugar, the bad oil in everything and the new names they are using to hide undesireable ingredients. I just went through this with soup stock, thanks so much for the info on homemade.
    1. You're welcome! One thing I love with the homemade recipe is there is no waste! You are using scraps that normally get thrown away/

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