Not All Mirin Is Created Equal

One of my most favorite cuisines to eat is Asian.  A lot of Asian dishes are made with mirin, a Japanese sweet rice wine.  Normally, we buy Eden brand mirin, but I was in Target the other day and took a glance at this.


So naturally, I turned to look at the ingredients.


This stuff is mostly loaded with corn syrup and sugar!  I was surprised at what I saw here.  Now let’s look at Eden’s mirin.


Now let’s look at the ingredients in here.


This looks much better!  No corn syrup and no sugar.  They just use the natural sweetness of the rice.  If you were wondering, koji is white rice that has mold spores cultivated into it.  It is actually how saki is made.  If you would like to read more about it, click here.  I love, and highly recommend all of Eden’s products.  One great thing about them is that they support GMO labeling and stand behind all their ingredients.  They rock!

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7 thoughts to “Not All Mirin Is Created Equal”

  1. That is so interesting! Thank you sharing. I'm a label reader and in the past would just skim over the stuff I didn't understand. However, in the past year I make it a point to Google the complex words and find out exactly what it means. Some things are harmless and other are terribly dangerous. I know your post wasn't exactly about that, as sugar and corn syrup are clearly written but you get my point. Great post!
  2. I'm a label reader. If I don't understand what something is, I pass on the product. I don't buy anything with any form of glycerin. FDA suspects that addictive is what is killing dogs eating Chinese chicken jerky treats (Waggin Train, Milo's) and since it killed one of my dogs last March, I seach ingredients AND country of origin now!! Read about some gylcerin that is coming from the biofuel industry jatropha beans. Kind of scary to think it could sneak into our food supply and that of our pets.
    1. I am so sorry to hear that about your dog. As a dog owner myself, my heart breaks for you. Thanks for the tip about glycerin. The more I learn about additives, the more leery I become about buying anything processed. I buy my dog organic dog food, but I have thought about making my own. I have heard others have done that.
    2. I'm sorry to hear about your dog too! I have never purchased those brands of treats for my dog, but I have had coupons for them and nearly did. I cannot thank you enough for posting this! You may have just saved my dog's life!
  3. Wow! I cannot believe the difference between these 2 labels for "seemingly" the same product! That is so mind staggering! Shame on Kikkoman!

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