Not All Soymilk Is Created Equal

I have been making my own almond milk for a long time.  Click here for the recipe.  My husband is not a fan of almond milk and drinks soymilk instead.  Not all soymilk is created the same.  I would advise that any soy product you get, please make sure it has been non GMO verified because 80% of all soy grown here in the US contain GMOs.  For a shopping guide to search for your favorite products, click here.  Here is a comparison between two organic brands.
The first one is Whole Food’s 365 Organic Soymilk.


Let’s look at the ingredients.


Well this list is pretty long and there are some shady things in here.  First off, I see there is evaporated cane juice, which is just another term for sugar.  Next, I see “natural flavors.”  You all should know me well enough by now, to know that I would run in the other direction after reading that horribly vague term.  Moving on, I see carrageenan, which may be linked to cancer.  I think there has not been enough research done to prove to me that it is safe to put in my body.  I just avoid products that contain carageenan for now.  I would not recommend this soymilk.

So here is the next product.  I buy this for my husband.


As you can see, it has been non GMO verified.  Let’s look at their ingredients.


This is an example of a good product.  Two ingredients, both which you can identify.  If West Soy can make a product out of water and soybeans, why can’t Whole Foods?  Bottom line, if you are going to buy soymilk, please choose this one.

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7 thoughts to “Not All Soymilk Is Created Equal”

  1. While I agree that the 2nd product is definitely better than the 1st, I still would not purchase that soy milk. There is only one company that I know of that manufactures their soy milk without the use of the toxic chemical hexane. That is Eden Soy. Their soy beans are also non GMO verified, and are grown, harvested, and processed in both an earth AND human friendly way. That is why they are the one and only company that I would recommend purchasing soy milk from.
    1. I love Eden's soymilk as well. As a matter of fact, I love all of their products. I wrote a similar post comparing two types of mirin.
  2. I haven't followed your blog long enough. I have read that you make some types of milk yourself, such as almond, hazel nut, and coconut milk. Are you against cow's milk, organic and grass-fed?

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