Benefits of Maca Powder

Have you tried maca powder?  Perhaps you have tried my Maca Energy Bars or my 5 Minute Maca Energy Bites? Today I am here to tell you about maca and how great it is for you!

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Maca is a turnip like vegetable that grows at altitudes at and above 13,000 ft (3200 m) in the Andes. As the world’s highest growing crop, Maca is incredibly hardy, thriving in an inhospitable environment of rocky soil, extreme temperatures, high winds and intense sunlight. The plant produces a small root that has been treasured by natives of the high Andes for 1000s of years. Traditionally, Maca root is ground into a powder and eaten as a staple food to help improve fertility, to boost stamina and to provide a nutritional boost.

The Maca Team is a small family company that provides only the highest quality Peruvian Maca products. We are the only company focused solely on Peruvian grown Maca that is grown on small organic farming co-ops the traditional way, without pesticides. At, you will find the most variety of Maca products available anywhere. Unlike many other Maca providers, our products are fairly priced and delivered as fresh as possible.


Customers of The Maca Team have reported that adding Maca to their diet has helped to:

  • Reduce anxiety and alleviate depression
  • Provide greater energyunnamed, stamina and strength
  • Boost fertility and conceive children
  • Improve libido
  • Improve the symptoms of menopause
  • Build lean muscle
  • Improve bone density and health
  • Improve prostate health
  • Support radiant skin


The maca is available in powder or capsule form. It can be added to many meals. I like it in smoothies or overnight oats as well.  If you want to know more, or would like to purchase, please click here.

For a limited time, The Maca Team is going to provide My Whole Food Life readers with 10% off all orders up until July 9th, 2015.  Just use the coupon code: wholefoodlife

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by The Maca Team but all opinions are my own. The end.

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7 thoughts to “Benefits of Maca Powder”

  1. Thank u soooo much for posting this! I have actually never really heard of this and have been looking for new natural ways to help w many of these related benefits . SOOOOOO very excited to try this out will be ordering before the promo ends for sure! :-)
  2. Because it mimics estrogen, those with a history of breast, uterine or ovarian cancers should use maca sparingly though

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