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People have been telling me for quite some time now how they would like all my recipes in one place. After talking to my husband about it, we decided to package up our 30 most beloved recipes in two e-books. The first book is 14 of our personal favorite sweet recipes from the blog. The second book is 14 of our personal favorite savory recipes from the blog. If you’re thinking that’s only 28 recipes, you’d be right.

While my husband has been working tirelessly to create these 2 ebooks, I took the time to create two new recipes, one sweet, one savory. Spoiler, the sweet bonus recipe is a Homemade Snicker’s Bar. Yum!!!  The savory book bonus recipe is for Sweet Potato Bites that are very kid friendly! Yay!  So, this means each book has, as a bonus, a new recipe in it never before seen on my blog, and my hope is you like these new recipes as much as my others. To recap, this is what you get with each book:

  • 14 My Whole Food Life Recipes + 1 brand new recipe not on the blog
  • Shopping Lists for each recipe
  • Sections on Substitutions (gluten free, paleo, nut free etc)

And so everyone is aware, this is a limited offer that goes through the end of August 31, 2015. That’s just about 2 months to pick up these books!

For a sneak peak, here is a collage of some of the sweet recipes:

Desserts Collage

and a collage of some of the savory recipes:

Savory Collage


You can buy both our favorite sweet and savory recipe e-books combined for $4.99 by clicking the button below:
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You can buy only the sweet recipe e-book for $2.99 by clicking the button below:
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You can buy only the savory recipe e-book for $2.99 by clicking the button below:
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Whichever you decide, we would like to thank you for supporting MyWholeFoodLife and sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

33 thoughts to “Ebooks for Sale”

    1. Thank you!! I do have a print cookbook out already. Here is the link to it. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/diy-nut-milks-nut-butters-and-more-melissa-king/1120381127?ean=9781615192304&isbn=9781615192304
  1. Great idea to put them together! I ordered your cookbook on Amazon a few weeks ago and it's still not available yet. I'm so bummed, I'm ready to try some of the nut butter and milk recipes. I hope it becomes available and ships soon! I love all your recipes!
    1. Thank you Kayla! Amazon should have them back the first week of April. My publisher had to order a second printing. :) Sorry for the wait.
  2. I just bought both ebooks and they are a great collection! Thank you for doing this! I have to make my husband the new Snickers you made! That is his favorite candy bar!! Great job as always!!
  3. Hello can you tell me if your book DIY Nut Milks, Nut Butters, and More: From Almonds to Walnuts has all of the recipes you list in the e-books? Thanks
    1. Yes they will still be available on the website. The books are for those people that want the recipes all in one place. :) You will still be able to access them on the blog too. :)
  4. My husband always wants to know how much protein are in your energy snacks and larabars. I am slowly moving him away from commercial sugared '21 grams of protein' bars to yours which are obviously MUCH healthier.......but he would still like an answer to know. Thank you for your wonderful, easy recipes!!
    1. I don't know the amounts personally, but I believe you can upload my recipes into My Fitness Pal for detailed nutritional info.
  5. Hi Melissa, I finally had a moment to sit down and buy these...then realized they're unavailable. Any chance of them becoming available again in the future? So bummed.
  6. Hi have just discovered your website and love it! Would really like to buy your ebooks but it is past the date. Are you going to sell them again? Thanks for all your amazing and healthly online recipes, my kids love them :-)
    1. Thanks Catherine! We are thinking about putting them up for sale again next month. I will keep you posted. If you subscribe to the blog, I will mention it in my emails. :)
  7. Melissa, can you add protein powder to any of your breakfast cookie and bar recipes so that you know they will provide more protein?
  8. Hello, I bought both of these books a while back when you had them for sale but I can't find them in my book app. Is there a way to see how they were sent to me? Can you track that? Thanks!
    1. Hi Challene! Can you send me an email? I would be happy to re-send them to you via email. melissa@mywholefoodlife.com
  9. Just downloaded both books less than 5 minutes ago and you've already helped me solve a dilemma of what to do with some leftover cabbage! I had made stuffed cabbage last week and only needed 14 of the leaves but didn't want waste the rest and have leftover orange juice from mimosas yesterday so Cabbage Peanut Stirfry it is :)

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