I get asked all the time what kind of tools I use in my kitchen. So I have created a list of all the things I use in my kitchen that help me make my recipes.

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    1. That is an error actually. My husband linked the teflon ones by accident. We use their stainless steel pans. :) I will fix it tomorrow.
  1. Thanks for the great list! Do you have any recommendations for baby/children's body wash and shampoo? Also what about vitamins for baby/toddlers?
    1. Thanks! For my older daughter we use Earth Mama Angel Baby and for my baby daughter we use Epicental Peaceful Bubbles. I will link those up sometime today as well as the tooth paste they use.
  2. We've been shampoo free for about a year. We use baking soda to clean our hair and apple cider vinegar as a rinse. With our very limited budget I had to figure out how to eat cleanly and also use all natural products. It does take some time for your hair and scalp to get used to being chemical free though. I also clean our house with mostly vinegar and baking soda.
      1. I couldn't see them either, then my brilliant son clicked the Stop button (by Favorites on Chrome) and now everything is there. Hope that helps!
    1. You are welcome! I love everything on it and will be most likely adding more hygiene products as I find ones I like.
  3. Hi Melissa, Did you once mention that you use a particular spice grinder? I could be getting you confused with someone else... Thanks!
  4. Have you seen this children's toothpaste? It is what we are using for our daughter. We saw Food, Inc. and are now trying to watch we use especially for our daughter.
  5. Hi, what a fabulous site and great recipes. Disappointed I can't enter the competition because I live in Australia BUT I will continue to enjoy the site. :-)
  6. We need a food processor soo bad, and I've actually been looking at the one you have. What do you think of it? There are mostly good comments on it, but a few bad ones. Some say it's hard to clean such as there are parts you cant get to... but others say it's easy to clean. Do you have issues processing anything? Would love your opinion :] Thanks.
    1. I LOVE it. Never had a complaint. I don't think it's hard to clean at all. The parts come out very easily. I use mine every day and it is a work horse. Well worth the money in my opinion.
    1. Both are awesome. I say if you have to choose, get the juicer because it's cheaper. You can set aside a little money for a Vitamix fund in the future. :)
  7. I use the USA Pan for baking, it is made in the US and has a non-stick coating that is completely natural and safe of chemicals (and they work AWESOME!) I can use them and don't ever need to "grease" the pan because stuff just falls out of it :) You should check it out!
  8. I LOVE that you've done this! I love your website and I'm a subscriber so I'm always reading your recipes .. but for some reason I just explored this section and I think it's so neat! So many people are intimidated by making a healthier kitchen and you've demystified it by showing exactly what tools you use. That's great, I think I'm going to use this on my site, as well! Like you, I'm all about making whole foods approachable, so this is great. You are so great, all in all :)
  9. I LOVE your blog, thank so much you for breaking this all down. It can be so overwhelming. You think you are making the right choices only to find out you haven't been. It can be exhausting.... Wondering if you have a cookbook published? I would love to have easy reference and also add our own personal notes. (If you don't, you should. Great stuff. I would buy it in an instant!) :-) Thanks again, Shari
  10. I was wondering if you could tell me.....Coconut Milk is the same thing whether it comes in a can or a card board container; wouldn't you agree? Thanks
    1. No it's different. The coconut milk in a can super rich and thick and is found in the Asian food section. It's not meant for drinking. More for cooking.
  11. Wondering what size mason jars you use. The 8 oz just seems so little! Also, you may not want to use soy products. They are not great for women.
  12. Do you have your own cookbook? If not, you should look into it. I'd love to have all your recipes in one place other than my handwritten notebook.

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