Coconut Crispy Bars

Crispy cereal reminds me of my childhood.  I have made rice crispy treats so many times as a child.  These Coconut Crispy Bars are a different spin on them.  If you are a lover of all things coconut, you will love these!

If you would rather see a chocolate version, you can check out this recipe.  These would make the perfect treat for school lunchboxes since they are nut free.

Coconut Crispy Bars

I used brown rice crispy cereal with no added sugar for these, but really, any rice crispy cereal will work.  This recipe also may be yummy with a chocolate rice crispy cereal.  This recipe is great because you get a delicious coconut flavor, with hints of vanilla, and the crispy crunch to finish it off.

If you love the coconut vanilla combo, you may also like my coconut vanilla overnight oats.

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