Chickpea Curry Lettuce Wraps

Chickpea Curry Lettuce Wraps.  I love curry dishes.  Do you?  Last night I got the idea to do a chickpea curry.  I already have a pumpkin coconut curry on my blog.

Since I love chickpeas, I really wanted to include chickpeas in a curry dish.   That is how these healthy lettuce wraps were born.


Chickpea Curry Lettuce Wraps - My Whole Food Life


I decided to put my chickpea curry in lettuce wraps.  So I sent my husband to the store for romaine lettuce.  He came back with this red leaf lettuce you see pictured.

I think the red leaf lettuce worked fine, but I wanted to let you all know my original vision was a romaine lettuce wrap.

Honestly, I think this chickpea curry is great on it’s own, or in the lettuce wrap.  It’s a great way to get some turmeric in your diet too.  This dish is vegan and gluten free. I hope you enjoy it.

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