Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Omg this sweet potato crust is amazing!  The other day I came across this recipe.  It was on a blog called Breast Cancer Maven.  Check it out sometime.  She originally found the recipe on Blissful Basil’s website.  Check that blog out too.  Beautiful photos and great recipes.   I love sweet potato anything, so I knew I had to try it.  I made a few alterations to my recipe.  You have got to try this healthy sweet potato pizza crust!

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust - My Whole Food Life

The topping possibilities are endless.  I think my cashew pizza cheese would be excellent on this.  If I had any left, I would have used it.  I decided to top mine with spinach and avocado.  Next time I am definitely using the cashew cheese sauce!  This crust is so great.  It’s super crispy just how I like it.  The original recipe called for roasting the garlic and sweet potato.  I boiled my sweet potatoes, so I just used minced garlic.  You can most certainly roast the garlic and sweet potatoes if you prefer.  I also think this would be great with tomato sauce.

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