Vegan Pizza Cheese Sauce

Vegan Pizza Cheese Sauce.  We made a new vegan cheese sauce!!  This time it’s a pizza cheese sauce.  This vegan pizza cheese sauce it seriously good!

It has all the flavors of a pizza.  It would make a great dip too.  I also think it would be great as a sauce for homemade pizzas.  Just add your veggies on top.  There are already plans to use it in future recipes.  You guys have to try this one!


Vegan Pizza Cheese Sauce - My Whole Food Life


I know this sauce doesn’t look like much in the photo, but I promise it’s really good and flavorful!  This dairy free cheese sauce is great for vegans or those with milk allergies.  It’s also gluten free.

Vegan Pizza Cheese Sauce

Vegan Pizza Cheese Sauce

Prep Time 10 min Serves 2 1/2 cups     adjust servings

You will never miss the cheese with this flavorful sauce!!



  1. Drain and rinse the cashews. In a blender , combine all the ingredients and mix until smooth.


Recipe Notes

This sauce will keep in the fridge for a couple weeks. You can also freeze it for longer storage. Enjoy!

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38 thoughts to “Vegan Pizza Cheese Sauce”

  1. It sounds wonderful!! This would work for creamy salad dressing, in potato salad, as a spread for sandwiches, veggie dip, etc. Can't wait to try it!!
    1. It is what gives it a nutty and cheesy flavor. It's a pretty key ingredient. Nutritional yeast is very different from bread yeast. Here is some info about it.
    1. I think it is just the lighting the photo was taken in. Also, the nutritional yeast we use is yellow, but it was not enough to change the color of the cashews. I have never seen a nutritional yeast that wasn't yellow.
    2. Two brands of nutritional yeast that don’t contain synthetic folic acid: KAL Unfortified Yeast Flakes and Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritional Yeast.
  2. What perfect timing! I just received a wheat-free pizza crust mix today. I will soak some cashews in water tonight and have a yummy pizza tomorrow for dinner. I can't wait to try this recipe. Your book just arrived on my Kindle, too, so that will be fun reading. I can't thank you enough for all your fabulous, healthy recipes!
  3. Would love to know carb count of your recipes. They look so good but I am counting carbs to lose weight and I can have good carbs but need to count.
  4. We have cashew allergies in our family. Is there anything we could use to replace the cashews? Other nuts are fine, just not cashews :)
    1. You can use it as a dip. I also made this recipe with it.
  5. Hi says 1 cup of water in the recipe. Is that the water used in soaking the nuts or add with the rest of ingredients?

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