Eating Healthy Away From Home

I get asked a lot about how to eat healthy away from home, so I thought I would share some of the things that I do.


1. Research research research.  This is the best thing that you can do.  I usually will go to my destination’s official website.  That will usually have, not only things to do, but places to eat.  I usually make a list of the nearest restaurants with healthy options.  Then, I will look at their online menus.

2.  Find the closest grocery store.  This will provide you with fresh fruits and veggies, cheese, juice and water.

3. Try to get a room in a hotel with a little fridge.  There are plenty of affordable hotels that provide one.

4.  If you are driving somewhere, bring a cooler.  If flying, you can bring an Insulated Lunch Box

5.  Pack as many snacks as you can.  I usually bring granola, granola bars, breakfast cookies and muffins.  For recipe links, click here, here and here.

6.  Pack frozen veggies.  They will stay cold for a long time and be thawed out by the time you go to eat them.

7.  Convenience stores can be your friend.  I am always able to get bananas, apples, oranges, veggie sticks and string cheese there.

Feel free to add some of your tips in the comments!



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10 thoughts to “Eating Healthy Away From Home”

  1. Me and my husband are going away to Disney World for our honeymoon for a week. We are packing snacks and breakfast items, but i also have a dairy allergy. While eating out i'm going to try and eat as healthy as possible for lunch and dinner for the week, but with a dairy allergy its always slim pickings on the menu. Any suggestions?
    1. You can request that your meals be prepared dairy free. I waited tables for years in Las Vegas and we often had guests come in with allergies. Most restaurants will be very accommodating. I would also try to pack as many homemade or dairy free snacks as you can. Most convenience stores will have fruit and nuts as well.
    2. The restaurants at Disney are very accommodating when it comes to allergies. As a matter of fact, if you make reservations online, you can indicate your food allergy in advance so they restaurant knows before you arrive.
      1. That's great to know. we plan on taking our girls there in the next few years and my daughter has a dairy allergy.
  2. Yes, my sister and her family just returned from Disney. They do not eat any dairy or gluten, and said all of the restaurants were super accommodating, even to the point of providing them with personalized digitalized menus with only gluten and dairy free meals. Amazing!
    1. That is so great! We are thinking about a Disney trip when my girls are a bit older and I love that they were so accommodating!
  3. The last time I flew, most of my suitcase was filled with healthy foods - no one batted an eyelash! I also had lunch and dinner in my carry-on. When I packed peanut sauce for my spring rolls, I used a 3 oz travel size shampoo/soap bottle. It made it very easy to squeeze the sauce on the rolls instead of dipping. Just be careful taking ice packs - some airlines consider them liquids because of the gel inside - I had to toss one of them....
  4. I have traveled before with my blender and my grinder (small coffee grinder). Most of the items for my morning green smoothie were packed in individual sandwich bags. I packed the baggies in a larger more secure bag so in case they were torn the ingredients wouldn't get all over my clothing. This saved space in my suitcase from packing the larger containers of smoothie items that I use each morning at home. I was fortunate to have a frig in my room and was able to go to a local grocery for my fruit that wouldn't travel well.

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