Homemade Hemp Milk

So I have been making my own Almond Milk for a while now.  While I was writing my post on Superfoods for Good Health, I read a lot about the benefits of hemp seeds.  So, I decided to make my own hemp milk too.  Turns out it is even easier than almond milk.

hemp milk

It’s pretty good too!  I haven’t been able to find store bought hemp milk that doesn’t contain large amounts of sugar.  When I make my own, I can control the sugar amount.  There are also no funky additives like carrageenan in this.  I added ground vanilla bean
to my milk.  I swear by that stuff.  Worth.Every.Penny.  A little goes a long way and it actually gives an impression of sweetness without adding sugar.  Because there are no additives in this milk, it will separate in the fridge so you need to shake it well before you use it.  I store mine in a leak-proof jar so I can shake it really well without it leaking.  You will need a powerful blender, a very fine and strong cheesecloth and a mesh strainer.

Homemade Hemp Milk

Homemade Hemp Milk

Prep Time 5 min



  1. Throw everything in the blender and blend for 90 seconds or so. I used a Vitamix
  2. Lay the mesh strainer across a large bowl
  3. Put the cheesecloth over that.
  4. Slowly pour the milk out of the blender giving the cheesecloth time to drain the liquid. You may have to give the cheese cloth a little squeeze to get all the liquid.
  5. Repeat until all the liquid has been strained.


Recipe Notes

This is different from the almond milk because you will not have a leftover meal. All you are straining is the seed particles. You really can skip the straining process if you like. The seed bits will be small and barely noticeable. Either way works.

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86 thoughts to “Homemade Hemp Milk”

    1. Did you strain it afterward? I have never had a gritty taste with almond milk. The hemp seed particles are so small that they don't need to be strained. Since your family was sensitive to the texture of almond milk, you may want to strain the hemp milk too.
  1. Thanks for doing this one. I always wondered how to make hemp milk. I'm wondering where to get hemp seeds from though?
    1. I get them at Sprouts. Whole Foods should have them too. You can also order them off vita cost or amazon. I heard they were pretty cheap on vita cost.
  2. Where can I buy ground vanilla bean? At Whole Foods? Costco? And in what aisle would you find it at? And also, are cheesecloths meant to be disposable after one use? Sorry for so many questions at once. Thank you.
    1. I get it on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Bakto-Flavors-Ground-Vanilla-Beans/dp/B002C98W4S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362400527&sr=8-1&keywords=ground+vanilla+bean I also get the cheese cloth on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Regency-Natural-Cotton-Cheesecloth-9sq-ft/dp/B001B14ODG/ref=sr_1_3?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1362400563&sr=1-3&keywords=cheesecloth
  3. Sorry, one more question: Is hemp milk a good substitute for half and half creamer? I use the store bought Almond milk but don't like all the additives and if I can't get raw almonds (which I know the ones at the stores that say "raw" really aren't), then I'd rather not make almond milk at home... Thanks again !
  4. My kids liked it strained better. We had a lot of seed particles left over. Is there anything that can be done with them? Dried or roasted and added to muffins or yogurt later? It seems like a lot to just toss.
    1. the seed bits left over after you strain make a great moisturizing body-scrub...almond pulp too...but they don't keep very long, so same day use is best!
  5. Just wondering do you use shelled or unshelled hempseeds? They have both in the health shop I go to. Thanks for a great reciepe idea. C x
    1. I was wondering the same thing. I'm assuming though that you can't use the whole hemp seed to make milk because the seeds are so tough. I just read that the whole hemp has alot more benefits. They are an excellent source of minerals and insoluble fiber! We should all be eating them whole but for milk probably not so much? That's my guess :)
  6. Hi. I love tempt original unsweetened unflavored hemp milk so thought id try making my own. It tasted disguisting! Very woody maybe? Like tree bark? I used only about a tablespoon of organic shelled seeds in a blender with about 6 ounces of water. I gotcthe seeds from mountain rose herbs. Makes me wonder what kind of "natural flavors" that tempt lists are used to mask the taste. Has anyone compared tempt side by side to the homemade? Anyone else have ssme ecperience i did?
    1. We buy Tempt unsweetened hemp milk as well and I recently started to look into making our own because of the carageenan in the Tempt milk... I have not made my own yet but a friend of mine did who made Tempt and her daughter did not like the homemade stuff at all. So I am hoping my kids go for it! She did not use ground vanilla bean though, she used vanilla extract I think so that may be a difference?
      1. Maybe? Another difference is the texture. The stuff in the store has chemical thickeners and homemade does not so it will be a little thinner. If you wanted to add a sweetener. like a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup or honey, that may help too.
  7. I am very excited to try this! One problem, my blender SUCKS since I usually juice or use my food processor.... would a food processor work for this recipe? Maybe to grind the dry ingredients first before mixing it in a blender? Let me know your thoughts! Thanks
    1. I did mine in the Vita mix. Since the hemp seeds are kinda small, it may work in your blender. Maybe you could pulse the seeds a bit in the processor and then switch to the blender? I would love to know if that works!
  8. So what exactly is the savings by making my own almond or hemp milk? I can get a 32 oz. container of almond milk from Sprouts for $1.99. It is the only almond milk I have seen that does not contain carrageenan.
    1. Thank you! I don't know the average price. I try to catch mine on sale. If you like Nutiva on Facebook, they are always offering deals on Tuesdays. Also, if you have a Whole Foods near you, they sell them in their bulk bins.
  9. Oh dang, no vanilla and I wanted to try this today. Maybe a date or two? Tell me, can you describe the taste? Those grey seeds are scaring me!
    1. Yes, you can add a date or two for sweetness. Those seeds get ground into almost nothing. What is left just settles at the bottom. You can always strain if you like. It tastes similar to nut milk, just a little bit thinner. You also can do vanilla extract if you like.
  10. Hi Melissa, my daughter and I have been making almond milk for quite some time now and we decided it was time to try a new milk. We will definitely try this one. I also want to try coconut milk. I looked on your site but didn't see a coconut milk recipe. Do you have an idea of what proportion of coconut and water I should use? Should I add in the vanilla bean powder also? Thanks.
    1. I have been meaning to try to make coconut milk! Thanks for the reminder. If I had to guess, it would be 1 1/2 cups coconut to 4 cups water? I would also add the vanilla beans.
      1. Thanks for the great idea to make hemp milk. I tried it without sweetener. It will take adjustment to the flavor but I think it will be fine in a smoothie. I make coconut milk all the time in my vitamix. I use 1 cup bob's red mill flaked unsweet coconut to 2 cups of filtered water. It has to be strained, but I use the 'pulp' as coconut flour so nothing is wasted. Once strained and squeezed as dry as I can manage, I spread it onto a cookie sheet to dry, stirring daily. I then grind it up even more fine in a spice grinder or my vitamix dry container. I also stopped using coffee creamer quite some time ago. Instead I use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per 1 -14 oz cup (or so) of coffee. I put it in the vitamix and blend on high for about 30 seconds. Again it took some adjusting but now I love it so much I won't drink coffee any other way.
        1. Great idea! I will try the coconut milk soon. I only put homemade almond milk in my coffee and I have been thinking about buying a milk frother for it. I used to dump lots of sugar in my coffee, but now I really love it unsweetened.
      2. I make it a lot. Use 1 cup of unsweetened coconut to 1/2 cups hot water and 2 cups cold water. 1 or two medjool dates, splash of vanilla and pinch of Himalayan salt. Blend the strain through a but milk bag. You can use the pulp in fudge or cookies. Thanks to the green thickies for this recipe!

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