Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter doesn’t have to be a time to load up on candy and chocolate.  It’s more about spending time together as a family. Here are some healthier ideas for Easter baskets.


1.  Fruit leathers
2. Organic Animal Crackers
3. Organic Fair Trade Chocolate
4. Coloring books
5. Crayons
6. Bouncy balls (my kids love these!)
7. Temporary tattoos
8. Stickers
9. Stuffed Animals
10. Books
11. Outdoor chalk
12. Games
13. Jump rope
14. Bubbles
15. For budding chefs: kitchen tools or an apron

My 3 Ingredient Chocolate Bars or my Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs would be great as well.  My kids love them.

If you are looking for a natural way to dye Easter eggs, I found a great site here.

What are some of your best ideas?



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21 thoughts to “Healthy Easter Basket Ideas”

  1. Good ideas! This year I found some organic jelly beans, Annie's bunny crackers, toys and a tea set for the kids to share.
  2. Here is a recipe I came across to make your own fruit roll ups - going to give them a try.
    1. I love that website! We just recently got a food dehydrator and started making our own dried fruit. So easy and also delicious!
  3. Love the healthy Easter Basket ideas...especially the toys that inspire fun physical activity like the jump ropes and bubbles! As children, my sister and I frequently received bathing suits and sunglasses in our baskets which always got us excited for summer fun! Great site...I'm determined to try some of your recipes soon! :)
  4. My son is getting organic chocolate (including little bunnies), organic jelly beans, a Playstation Network gift card, and a little thing you hang from your backpack. He's allergic to artificial colors, so there is no temptation to buy the "bad" stuff!
  5. We always got kites as kids. I plan on adding that to my daughters basket this year. Books are great too! My 7mo old son will be getting those. And probably new shoes/sandals.
  6. I put a puzzle piece in each plastic egg, along with a hair thing, or a piece of gum or candy. When they have a complete puzzle they know they have found all the eggs. This way they only get a small handful of a special candy.
  7. I do what my parents always did for us as kids... Fruit was always the star of the basket, homemade chocolate eggs, nuts or trail mix, bunny grahams and filled plastic eggs with pennies and nickels (which may translate to quarters and singles these days!) my kids love loose change! Lol
  8. We always do new Spinbrush style toothbrushes. I swear they get more excited about that than anything else. Last year we did one walkie talkie in each of our kids baskets....they loved that as well.

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