Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars.  I had a reader request a recipe the peanut butter chocolate larabar.  Since I love all things larabar, I wanted to make them asap.  They came out great!  I still love the Coconut Cream Larabar the best, but this one is pretty good too.

These healthy bars are no bake and super easy.  They freeze well too, so feel free to double the batch!


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars


I am more of an almond butter girl myself, but my husband LOVES peanut butter so I know that these will be gobbled up fast.  I may try a second batch with almonds.  I love recipes like this because they are just so easy.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars

Prep Time 15 min



  1. In the food processor , blend the peanuts and salt into a powder.
  2. Pit the dates and add them in as well.
  3. If needed, slowly add a bit of water to help the mixture come together.
  4. Once the dough is formed, line and 8×8 glass baking dish with parchment paper leaving enough room for some paper to stick out the sides.
  5. Carefully, spoon the dough into the pan evenly. The dough will be very sticky and you may need to wet the spatula a bit.
  6. Using the extra paper, pack the dough down until it is flat and even.
  7. Place in the fridge to firm up.


Recipe Notes

I store them in the fridge. They should keep at least a week if you can get them to last that long!

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46 thoughts to “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars”

    1. Once you see how easy they are to make, you will never buy them in the store again. I had actually never had a store bought larabar until recently. I love making my own though. The coconut cream is my all time favorite. I hope you like my version. :)
  1. I just found the link to this recipe on FB thru Amazing Recipes' page. These look so yummy. I love all kinds of bars like this and will picking up the items I need tomorrow to try these! Your site is beautiful and inspiring! Will be following you on FB now!
    1. I don't, but I am guessing it's pretty close to the real thing. Here is the link to Larabar nutritional info.
  2. HI - Can I use regular peanut butter and how much woudl I use to make to sub for hte 2 cup peanuts please? Thanks!! I am so wanting to make this for my daughter with CD. :)
  3. Oooh yum! I love that this recipe only uses peanuts, because my mom is allergic to other nuts, but not peanuts. I'll have to make these for her.
  4. Is there any way of putting how many ounces of dates for the recipe? I have found some dates at Walmart (pretty sure they aren't medjool dates) and wonder how many to use. Thank you! I tried the chocolate homemade larabars and the whole family likes them (surprising for my picky girls)
    1. I'm not sure how many ounces it would be, but if you got another kind of date, you will need to use a bit more. The other dates are smaller. If I had to guess ounces, I would say maybe 10oz?
  5. Do you have any other Larabar recipes. My wife made a batch last week, and they really give me the energy I need for my daily work outs. They really make a difference in my performance! :)
    1. Yes! I have a lot of other flavors. My favorite is the Coconut Cream.
  6. I love making these but haven't for you put the choc. Chips in the food processor or just on top? I didn't see that step in this recipe and can't remember how I normally do it!
    1. I just stick them in on the top, but you can fold them in the food processor too. Just wait until the dough is almost mixed up.
  7. I made these this am subbing raw sunflower and raw hemp seeds for the peanuts ( allergic child). They are delicious! I rolled them into little balls for her and she's gobbled down at least 10 already! Thank you for the recipe!
  8. Just made this recipe and they turned out great! I added some cashews just to change it up and then also sprinkled coconut over the top along with the choc chips. I think i may have added a bit too many dates and water but they firm up perfectly if i keep them in the freezer :)
  9. I have a lot of cacao powder that I need to use up. If I used that as a replacement, do you have any guess as to how much I should use in place of the chocolate chips? And would that work in your opinion?

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