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When I write my “exposed” posts, I usually try to include a better store bought option and homemade option.  Recently, a reader suggested I talk about products and brands that are better options.  I decided to take it one step further and include all the resources I could think of in one big post.   If I am missing a good resource, please let me know and I will add it in.  I would like to mention that all labels should be read, even organic ones.  These brands have products that have been non GMO verified. Many of these can be found at almost all grocery stores. Some are found at the health food stores only.  There are many other decent products listed on www.nongmoproject.org.  The products/brands I am listing are the ones that I am familiar with and have used on occasion.

Brands to Buy

You want to look for organic food if possible.  Non GMO verified is even better.

Photo credit : Non GMO Project

Cereals and Breakfast Bars

Nature’s Path
Whole Foods 365 Organic
Arrowhead Mills
Eden Foods
Enjoy Life
Enviro Kids Organic

Breads and Baked Goods

Food for Life
Whole Foods 365

Dairy Products

Organic Valley
Strauss Family Creamery

Soups and Sauces

Whole Foods 365
Pacific Foods
Amy’s Organic
Eden Foods

Alternative Meat Products

Whole Foods 365
Follow Your Heart
House Foods
Sunshine Burgers
West Soy

Snack Foods

Whole Foods 365
Earth’s Best Organic
Eden Foods
Enjoy Life
Funky Monkey
Garden of Eatin
KIND Healthy Snacks
Lucy’s Cookies
Coconut Bliss
Mary’s Gone Crackers
Nature’s Path

Beans and Flours

Bob’s Red Mill
Whole Foods 365
Arrowhead Mills
Chosen Foods
Eden Foods
Engine 2
Field Day
Hodgson Mill
Lotus Foods
Lundberg Family Farms
Multiple Organics

Worst GMO Offenders (Please try to buy these organic)


Here are some other helpful resources:


Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 2013 (This refers to pesticide residue only, not GMOs.)

Avoiding Foods with Carrageenan

Tips On Avoiding MSG

Tips on Quitting Processed Sugar


Tips to Eat Healthy On a Budget

15 Surprising Foods You Can Freeze

Common Harmful Additives in Processed Foods

I hope this is helpful and if I am forgetting something, please let me know.



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26 thoughts to “Whole Food Resources”

  1. This is such a great post! I am a huge advocate for non-GMO foods. Thanks for getting the word out there! I did a post similar to this-- but I didn't put the specific labels of products, which is wonderful to have (thanks)!--at http://livobeautiful.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-great-pantry-raid.html. Full speed for the organic nonGMO movement!!! :D
  2. Only discovered your website very recently - so glad I did! This post alone is worth visiting. This is great info and I am happy to see brands I already use on the lists. Hooray! Guess all that reading and digging pays off.
  3. I had no idea that rice is one of the most genetically modified foods! I buy organic brown rice anyway, but this is good to know for eating out at restaurants. Thanks for the information!
  4. I'm confused. Is non-GMO verified better than organic? I thought to be organic, the farmer also has to be non-GMO? Am I mistaken?
    1. I read that the rules imposed on organic growers to be non-GMO have had a little wiggle room for interpretation. Also, the chances of cross-contamination to an organic farm is possible. The verified non-GMO has been tested as a final product. (If I understand correctly).
        1. Oh my goodness. So how are you ever supposed to buy produce? Produce is not non-GMO certified. I bought certified organic corn, thinking I was getting non-GMO corn as well. This is a little scary to me. I'm thinking the only way is to truly shake the hand that feeds you?
          1. I didn't put produce on my list. I try to buy things mostly organic. There is some packaged produce that has been non GMO verified actually. If you go to their website, there is a produce section.
          2. Organic excludes GMOs as well as pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. It also requires humane treatment of animals. Non-GMO Project verified only tests for GMOs. And, there is a 0.9% margin of error in the GMO tests so nothing is perfect. Organic is the way to avoid GMOs as well as chemicals and antibiotics. Most organic producers aren't going to want to spend additional time or money getting Non-GMO verification since organic already means no GMOs and they had to pay handsomely to get organic certification.
  5. Great info!...LOVE your site....huge fan! Not sure if this is just in Utah? But "Bob's Red Mill" is another good one for flours. :)
  6. Kashi's Cinnamon Harvest cereal is organic and has the non-GMO label. I'm not sure if it can be considered a "real" food though.
    1. Thanks for letting me know. I would have to check the ingredients to see what is in it. I know some Kashi products are non GMO verified.
  7. What's your take on Ezekiel bread? It's organic and the ingredients looked good to my untrained eye. Any thoughts?
    1. I try to whenever I buy products that are the top gmo offenders. Corn and soy are the big ones. It's easy to find non gmo soy, but corn is harder to find non gmo.

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