Grain Free Banana Bread

We are really trying to cut gluten out of our diet.  So I have been experimenting with gluten free and grain free flours.  This grain free banana bread is my second recipe using coconut flour.  I think it came out pretty good!  Coconut flour can be very tricky to bake with.  You generally have to add extra moisture and also eggs to help bind.  The dates in this recipe help bind.

GF Banana Bread FG 3

One thing that is great about this recipe is that the whole thing can be made in the food processor.  It also has no added sugar.  I sweetened it with dates and bananas only.  It’s super moist and delicious!

Grain Free Banana Bread

Grain Free Banana Bread

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 15 min



  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In the food processor , mix the dates and bananas.
  3. Add in the coconut flour, eggs, almond butter, baking powder and cinnamon.
  4. Mix until everything is well combined.
  5. Spoon batter into a greased loaf pan or mini loaf pan . I used my mini loaf pan because I couldn’t seem to find my regular loaf pan .
  6. I baked mine for about 12-15 minutes.


Recipe Notes

If you are using a regular loaf pan , you will need to bake it a little longer. Wait until completely cooled before storing them in an airtight container. It should last a week or two in the fridge. You can also freeze it for longer storage. Enjoy!

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86 thoughts to “Grain Free Banana Bread”

  1. These look really tasty! However, I do not own a food processor, though I have recently been considering investing in one. Do you have any recommendations?
  2. WOW, Omg I just made this and it is phenomenal!!!! It was my first time ever making bread and first time using coconut flour. I am absolutely LOVING this recipe, thank you so much for sharing! Tip for others, I only had dried pitted dates not medjool so I just soaked 50g's (10-11 dates) in a little boiling water (so they were JUST covered) for a little while before I made the bread. Then put the dates into the mixture with a little bit of the water they were soaked in. Love your website by the way! Just found it and am sure I will be making many more things :) Phoebe.
  3. I made this today and I tried to make them as muffins instead. I didn't have coconut flour so I used almond meal. The mixture looked too wet but I went with it thinking that maybe the meal would suck up the moisture. They didn't cook in the suggested time frame. I left them in for 20 minutes and still raw in the middle. After 30 minutes, I gave up and figured it wasn't going to get better and I didn't want to lose the moistness. They cooked well on the edges, just not the inside. They still taste amazing and my kids don't care about the texture. Should I have added more almond meal than 1/2 cup to soak up some moisture? Next time, I'll try it with coconut flour for sure though b/c the batter did taste awesome.
  4. I want to make this for my 10 month old but she is not eating nuts yet. Is the almond butter a must for this recipe? Or do you think it will turn out well without it? Thanks!
  5. I have this in the oven now. Any idea how long it will take to bake in 1 regular loaf pan? This is my first time baking with coconut flour, and the consistency/texture is a bit different. Will the knife come out clean when it is done?
      1. Thanks Melissa! I just made and put in oven. How long do you think they will need in a regular size loaf pan? Just checked after 25 mins and still very gooey inside. Thanks!
        1. Guess I'll have to try again. Baked mine at least 40 minutes and still not cooked through. Everyone is raving about this recipe though! Taste was great just not cooked.
          1. Can you try making the recipe as muffins instead? You would have to cook it less though.
  6. Hi there, I am laughing pretty hard at my semi-fail on this recipe :) My 5 year old really wanted to bake something, and I looked around the house and saw we had bananas that were close to the point of no return, so I figured something with them. I was missing the dates, so I subbed some maple syrup (~3T) and added some Enjoy Life chocolate chips and hoped for the best. It took quite a while to "bake" (I use quotes because it is still a little pudding-like), and I upped the temp to 375 for the latter half to see if it would help. I am guessing I probably used too much maple syrup? The taste was right, but the texture a little off. Any thoughts on the ratio for substitution? Still call it a success though - he was proud of himself and thought it was delicious :). I did too-just had another piece after we got the kids to bed! PS - love your site! I have been around for quite a long time, and while we aren't even vegetarians, we love your recipes!
    1. Thank you!! I am not sure of an exact sub for that. I am thinking you probably need a little extra flour if you are adding the maple syrup instead of the dates?
      1. Since I seem to have no idea how many bananas to buy right now, we had a bunch left again this I gave it another try. Did 3.5 tablespoon maple syrup, and~2/3 cup coconut flour. Worked great! Still am baking it quite a bit longer and a little higher, but it is working :-). Thanks!
  7. Amazing recipe! I shared it on facebook; I threw in some chocolate chips, just a handful, and it is just delicious. Thank you!
  8. I made these into muffins for my class since one of my students is vegan and another gluten-free. They tasted good, but came out extremely dense and moist and did not rise. I am not sure what happened. Any suggestions for next time? Thank you!
    1. The bread doesn't rise much, but mine wasn't dense. Could it be the size of your bananas? Maybe they were larger than the ones I used?
  9. This was a fantastic recipe! I didn't have any dates on hand so I soaked chia seeds in almond milk over night to use as the binder. I had to bake it for about an hour but it came out super delicious!!! I love your site!
  10. Has anyone tried making this as muffins? How did it turn out? Can you tell me how long to bake them for and/or how to tell if they are done (I use t the toothpick test with other types of muffins). Thanks, Cindy in San Diego
  11. Hi I'm wanting to know if I put my oven on 180 as its Celsius not Fahrenheit . Its also not fan forced so will it need to be higher and baked longer? Thanks I'm really looking forward to trying this recipe :)

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