Healthy Burrito Bowl (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Healthy Burrito Bowl that is vegan and gluten free.  This burrito bowl recipe was created and written by my husband Marcus.  He is the creator of several savory recipes on my blog such as the peanut noodle stir fry, homemade sriracha sauce and black beans and rice.

We were asked to re-make a burrito bowl the other day by a reader. Of course places like Chipolte and FreeBirds have burrito bowls.

While I use to love these, they contain a bunch of salt. This vegan and gluten free burrito bowl is pretty awesome though and you will recognize some of the same components you see out dining.


Healthy Burrito Bowl - My Whole Food Life


When you look at the recipe, you may think it’s a little involved.  However, for one days work, you can have a whole week of meals.

Just make/store the healthy burrito bowl components in separate containers and then add what you like at meal times.

Healthy Burrito Bowl

Homemade Burrito Bowl

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 40 min


    Cilantro Lime Rice

    Corn Salsa

    • 2 cups corn
    • 1/4 cup roasted tomatoes
    • 3 T finely chopped yellow onion
    • 1 serrano chili pepper
    • 1 clove garlic, minced
    • 1 T avocado oil
    • 1 tsp chili powder

    Roasted Tomatoes

    • 6-7 vine ripened tomatoes

    Roasted Red Peppers

    • 6-8 red peppers


      Cilantro Lime Rice

      1. Cook the rice and let cool.
      2. Add lime juice and cilantro mixing well.

      Corn Salsa

      1. Add the corn, roasted tomatoes, pepper, garlic, chili powder, and 2 of the 3 tablespoons of onion and avocado oil to a pan of medium high heat and cook until onion have been thoroughly cooked, about 10 minutes mixing often.
      2. Remove from heat and immediately add the last tablespoon of onion and mix.
      3. Remove from pan.

      Roasted Tomatoes

      1. Remove the top part of the tomatoes with a corer.
      2. Brush with oil and place on a lined baking sheet .
      3. Bake in oven for 20-30 minutes on 350F.
      4. They will be done when the tomato skins are visibly sloughing off.
      5. Remove from oven and put them in a bowl of ice water.
      6. Remove one tomato at a time and peel the skin from the tomato
      7. Rough chop the tomatoes

      Roasted Red Peppers

      1. Cut peppers in half.
      2. Remove seeds and stems.
      3. Brush the peppers with oil.
      4. Bake in oven for 45-60 minutes on 350F.
      5. Remove from oven and let cool slightly.
      6. Remove the skins. They should peel off easily at this point.
      7. Rough chop the peppers.

      Burrito Bowl

      1. Add all the above components together with some chopped lettuce and black beans and serve.


      Recipe Notes

      I added some avocado to mine. I also used about 2 cups chopped lettuce and 2 cups black beans. You can prep the tomatoes and peppers in advance and add them later if this is too much at once. I used some of the roasted tomatoes in the corn salsa. That 1/4 cup goes a long way in the corn salsa.

      This makes a ton a food. You can keep each component separate and only add them together as you are ready to eat.

      Healthy Burrito Bowl - My Whole Food Life P

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      29 thoughts to “Healthy Burrito Bowl (Vegan and Gluten Free)”

          1. Melissa, My tomatoes turned out more like stewed tomatoes - any idea what went wrong? Maybe just bad tomatoes? I followed the directions and baked 30 min. Thanks for your help, Cindy
            1. We they turned to liquid? I am not sure what stewed tomatoes look like. Maybe you used smaller ones than we did? I am sorry. :(
      1. This looks so fresh and yummy!! I love Chipotle but it's nice to have a homemade version since the nearest Chipotle to me is an hour and a half away.
        1. I didn't do much to them. Just salted and cooked until soft. I used dried beans, but you can use canned too. Just skip the extra salt on the canned beans.
      2. I'm wondering if you could post more "bulk cooking" ideas like this one. I find it difficult to make time for cooking healthy and substantial meals in college because I'm so busy; I want to get into bulk cooking simple recipes but all I can really think of are rice and beans and some stir fried veggies. It would be amazing if you could help out us time-crunched, healthy-desiring vegetarian college kids!! :)
        1. Most of my meals can be done in bulk batches. Check out my soups and veggie burgers in my recipe index. You can make them and freeze in serving sized containers. :)

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