Live Vegan Vibrantly

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I’m featured along side over 20 of the world’s top-leading plant-based doctors, Emmy award-winning chefs, private cooking instructors, world-class athletes, best-selling authors, celebrity health coaches, energy healers, and many more!

My friend, Laura Christine Sainz is conducting interviews with each Expert, addressing important questions that can help you discover how to:

  •  Prevent cancer, disease, illness, mentally, physically and psychologically
  •  Reduce stress, successfully incorporate daily meditation, and live with purpose
  •  Prepare and easily cook easy and delicious meals every day for you and your loved ones
  •  Shift negative belief systems into positive pathways in order to heal your mind and body and
  • connect to your true passions and dreams
  •  Become a certified whole-food, plant-based lifestyle health coach
  •  Visit farm sanctuaries, save animals one plant-based bite at a time, and find out how to help heal and sustain our beautiful planet earth
  •  Eat foods in abundance that heal your body to live with vibrancy and high energy lifestyle!

And much, much more!

I’m excited to participate in the Live Vegan Vibrantly worldwide event, and I’m absolutely thrilled to give you an exclusive invitation that allows you to watch for free!

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This is one-of-a-kind event and backed by scientific research, where each Expert speaks the truth on how to embrace a high energy, optimally healthy, and vibrant lifestyle. Our panel shares their personal life healing stories, why they thrive on a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle, how they’ve overcome serious illness and disease, and how they’ve successfully achieved life-long vibrant health and how you can too!

Live Vegan Vibrantly

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  1. I work during weekdays and can't get off of work for this event. It it possible to watch it when I'm able? Thanks so much! Kirsten

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