Blissful Tropical Parfaits

Today’s post is a guest post from Ashley Cox of The Naked Food Life.  I know you are going to love it!

Hello, everyone! I am extremely grateful and excited to share a summer recipe with Melissa’s awesome followers while she is out of town. I read all of her posts and they have definitely served as inspiration to my own recipe development. Like Melissa’s creations, this one includes exclusively whole foods, comes together quickly, and tastes amazing! Thanks for reading!

blissful tropical parfaits

Sunshine. Ocean water. Fruity cocktails. I am totally into anything that evokes feelings of tropical paradise. Beachside vacations are not something that any of us get enough of, so we just have to pretend. Thus, I created a dessert that takes us on a mini vacation, far, far away. It’s a parfait, because I love , LOVE layered desserts. Each bite tastes a little bit different, and parfaits are just overall fun to eat and very refreshing during warm summer days.

Chia pudding makes a refreshing base for this dessert and the mango cream tastes a lot like cheesecake and has a lovely caramel overtone. The streusel is ridiculously healthy and adds a crunchy/chewy texture. And let’s top this thing off with whipped cream and lots of tropical fruit and macadamias because we are on a beach, remember?!

Blissful Tropical Parfaits

Prep Time 20 min Serves 4     adjust servings

The perfect dessert for summer!


    Mango Cream

    Chia Pudding



    1. Mango Cream:
    2. Blend everything in a high speed blender until smooth.
    3. Chia Pudding:
    4. Without washing the blender, blend everything but the chia seeds. Add the chia seeds to a large bowl and whisk in milk. Chill for at least 30 minutes.
    5. Streusel:
    6. Pulse the nuts and cinnamon a few times in a few processor. Add dates and process for 10 seconds or until crumbly.


    Recipe Notes

    For Serving:

    Coconut Whipped Cream

    Whip the solid cream from 2 cans chilled coconut milk until light and fluffy. Add 1 tbsp maple syrup and whip for a few more seconds.

    Diced mango and pineapple
    Banana slices
    Coconut flakes and/or chopped macadamias


    Spoon 1/2 c chia pudding into glasses or jars. Top with 2 tbsp mango cream, 1/2 tbsp streusel, and fruit.
    Continue to layer until glass is full. Top with coconut whipped cream, streusel/nuts, and more fruit.
    Refrigerate until chilled. Enjoy for breakfast, dessert, or an indulgent snack.

    Ashley Cox is Culinary Arts graduate and personal chef specializing in sustainable, plant-based food, special diets, and holistic living. She worked as a Raw Vegan Chef for two years in the Chicago Suburbs where she discovered her passion for vegan cuisine and taught raw food classes. She resides in Forest Park and enjoys yoga, exploring Chicago, traveling, and cooking for anyone who enjoys a fresh healthy meal. Her philosophy is eat pure, eat simple, and listen to your body, because when you nourish your body, you nourish your soul!

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    7 thoughts to “Blissful Tropical Parfaits”

    1. Although I love your recipes, so many of them have dates, which I don't like. Is there anything I can substitute for them in your recipes? Thanks.
    2. These 10 dates that need pitted & soaked.. do u soak them in water? Overnight? Soak cashews overnight in water as well? Lastly for the streusel do you use four of the soaked dates or fresh pitted ones?
      1. Yes, soak in water. Overnight for the cashews, but the dates only need to be soaked for 30 minutes. For the streusel, you do not need to soak the dates.

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