How To Make A Flax Egg

Do you have a child with an egg allergy?  Are you vegan?  You can make “eggs” out of flax meal or chia seeds.  They work great in every baking recipe I have ever made.  Here is a little diagram on how to do it.

How to make a flax egg

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  1. FYI: Whole flax seeds pass right through our gut. The best way to get the most out of the healthful properties of flax, grind them up.
  2. hello, what do you think about the danger of baking with flaxseeds and chia seeds? It seems like they're very dangarous for our health when heated...
  3. You said flax or chia seeds. Can I use chia seeds in place of the flax, never heard of using chia seeds? Sounds better since I don't really like flax :/
  4. Your second picture is labeled "Meal Egg Replacer add to bowl". I've heard of Egg Replacer but never used it. Could you please clarify? Are you using just water and ground flax? Or do you add something called Egg Replace, also? If so, how much? Please pardon me if I'm looking too deeply into this and you mean just flax and water, but I want to do this one. Thanks!
    1. That's part of the title of the whole image. It's saying How to Make a Flax Meal egg. I am just using ground flax and water to make the egg. :)
  5. I made some blueberry muffins tonight using a flax "egg". I've tried making a muffin mix using applesauce, and I have some of that energ-z stuff, and neither of them makes a decent product. This actually turned out pretty good. There's also the added benefit of getting the nutrients that flax provides. I used something called milled flaxseed, and just went ahead and let it sit a couple of minutes before using it. I didn't grind it further, and I didn't refrigerate it after mixing it. I mixed it with a fork. Actually the muffins are fluffier than I prefer them. I suppose that's the end result people often strive for, but I like my stuff denser typically. Of course, they're still warm, so maybe they'll get heavier as they cool off. I initially thought using flax in place of eggs to bake with would be kind of gross, it turns out I was wrong.

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