Cleansing Red Juice

When I first got my juicer, I heard from a lot of people that juicing beets take some getting used to.  They mentioned the beets were gritty and earthy.  So I have been reluctant to try juicing one.  This morning, I finally took the plunge, and it was great!  The beets can make juice overly sweet, so I added in some extra greens to cut the sweetness.  They gave me a huge burst of energy this morning.  I only had one cup of coffee.

Beet juice has many benefits.  It works to cleanse the blood and protect against some forms of cancer, colon cancer in particular.  Beet juice is high in many vitamins and minerals such as:  potassium, folate, fiber, vitamin C and magnesium.  You only need to juice 1/2 a beet or one small beet to get the benefits without the unwanted, laxative like side effects.

cleansing red juice

Cleansing Red Juice

1 big bunch red kale
1 bunch rainbow chard
2 large celery stalks
1 small or 1/2 large cucumber
1 carrot (ends removed)
1 apple (cored)
1 small beet or 1/2 larger beet and greens (ends of beet removed)
1 inch piece of ginger

Rinse and prep all your veggies and juice in the order of the ingredient list. Should make about 30 oz. I kept 1/2 in the fridge for my husband when he gets home. He is turning into a juicing addict as well. 🙂

cleansing red juice

23 thoughts on “Cleansing Red Juice

    1. You can try to blend and then strain through a mesh strainer or cheesecloth. You may still get some of the pulp though.

        1. The juice contains all the nutrients, but the pulp does contain the fiber. Drinking the juice allows your body to readily accept all the nutrients quickly while giving the digestive system a break. You can save the pulp. There are many uses for it that you can find online.

          1. Thank you for clarifying that. I’ve been wondering how the different methods ( juicing/blending) affected/benifet the body. Now it makes perfect sense!

  1. I drink a very similar blend a few times a week but I like to add lemon and I often omit the carrots and apples because of the extra sugar. Parsley is also a great addition to add brightness and it’s very good for you. Yummy!

    1. I never get enough juice out of parsley. Any suggestions on how to change that? I would love to juice it more.

      1. I have read to soak it in water or to clump it into a ball and put it in between carrot pieces or something like that. I haven’t tried either. I usually end up incorporating a few pinches of the parsley pulp back into my juice afterward because I love the flavor.

  2. First I absolutely love your site and have tried many recipes with great success. Thanks for all you do! I have been vegetarian for a year but one that still does not like a lot of veggies and struggles to eat enough. I love fruit smoothies and am thinking juicing may be a great source for me.
    I was wondering how long this recipe would last, for example in the fridge. And would you say it is two servings? And finally, do you recommend the juicer that you use for a first time user? Thanks!

      1. I also freeze my juice you lose a little nutrients but not too much, I don’t have time to juice everyday so this works for me…. Going to try some of your recipes they sound lovely 🙂

  3. This can be done in a Nutribullet (adjusting the amount of ingredients) and you will also get the benefit of the fibers in the foods and boost the health effects.

  4. Beets are so beneficial and just jam packed with antioxidants. Don’t eat too much now, you wouldn’t want to run out of oxidants now.

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