Healthy Gingerbread Pancakes (Vegan)

Healthy Gingerbread Pancakes. We made some healthy pancakes this morning and they came out so good!  We have been creating a Saturday morning tradition with pancakes.

So today was gingerbread pancakes.  We used to go to Starbucks on Saturday mornings until I found out what they put in their pastries.  This is so much better and I can stay in my PJ’s!


gingerbread pancakes


To make things easy, because Meadow tends to want breakfast pretty quick, I mixed the dry ingredients the night before.  That way,I just have to add the wet and cook.  Super easy!

Meadow loved these so much that she asked for thirds and didn’t seem to notice that they were served without syrup.



Even Olive tried some.



These would be perfect on Christmas morning…or whenever!

Gingerbread Pancakes

Gingerbread Pancakes

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min



  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl |.
  2. In a small bowl mix the wet ingredients. 
  3. Add wet to dry. 
  4. Using a 1/4 cup scoop, scoop the batter onto a heated and greased pan. 
  5. When the batter starts to bubble, then flip to the other side. 
  6. Serve immediately, or refrigerate or even freeze for later.


Recipe Notes

For another festive pancake, click here .

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39 thoughts to “Healthy Gingerbread Pancakes (Vegan)”

    1. Thank you! I am happy you are enjoying it. If you are not already, you can subscribe to it and receive an email every time a new post is up. :)
  1. What can I sub in place of gluten free flour? Maybe almond flour and spelt. There is another gluten free pancake from Peas and thank you that is so easy if you have a vita mix, which you do! Look for her blueberry gluten free pancakes, I replace the berries with choco chips and they are so good, up there with your pb pancakes!
    1. You can use all spelt or whole wheat pastry flour or maybe coconut flour although I have not tried that yet. I only used Bob's GF because I am trying to use it up. I made a gluten free apple tart for Thanksgiving. I bought the GF flour for that. Pancakes in a Vitamix! That sounds good! I love my Vitamix.
  2. I just made these without the "gingerbread" portion. I wanted to make a plain pancake and they were delicious! I added a few chocolate chips:). I did add a little more almond milk to make the mix a little thinner. They were a hit with my little Wilma too! (she is 2 and LOVES pancakes.)
    1. Yay! Happy you liked them. My daughters are almost 2 and 3 1/2 and they love pancakes as well. The pumpkin pancake is a current fave in our house. My daughter had thirds!
  3. My son is devouring these like there is no tomorrow. He usually hates anything healthy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love these recipes!!
  4. I just love your blog! I wonder if brown rice flour and coconut flour would work? That's all I have right now. Everytime I try to bake with coconut flour it turns out too thick, any advice!?
    1. Thank you! You can try making it with either of those. Coconut flour can be finicky. I think you are supposed to add 1 egg for every 1/4 cup coconut flour you use.
    1. The molasses I use is not highly processed at all. In fact, blackstrap molasses contains some nutrients. It's a great source of iron. If you still need to replace it, you can probably sub maple syrup, but it will taste different. Molasses is a key ingredient in most gingerbread recipes.
    1. If you are on a mobile device, it's hard to see. You need to scroll down to the bottom. If you are on a computer, you can see the subscribe button in the right hand column where the ads are. If you have trouble locating it, just let me know and I can manually add you. :) Glad you enjoy the recipes!
  5. These were so delicious! Approved by all three of my kids! We didn't have many leftovers:) I've never used spelt flour before for baking, it was perfect for this recipe. What else do you suggest using it for?
    1. I'm so glad you liked them! I use spelt in lots of baked goods. You can use spelt in place of whole wheat cup for cup. It works great.
  6. Hi Just beginning on this journey of clean eating.Thank you somuch for this site! What does T stand for in the measurements for recipes? Thanks
  7. I have a gingerbread waffle/pancake recipe, but it's regular not gluten-free so I was so happy to see this recipe! I can't have spelt. Any suggestions on what I could use instead? Maybe almond or perhaps an all-purpose gluten-free blend?
  8. Whoa!!!! My family and I just demolished these! They were absolutely amazing!! I doubled the recipe (I’ve got 3 boys) but used only 2T of molasses (I can’t stand the taste). Thank you so much for sharing.

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