Maple Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas

Maple Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas. Nut free, gluten free and vegan.  This may be the easiest snack you ever make.  Seriously.  You need to try them asap!


maple cinnamon roasted chickpeas


First, I found Kale Chips, and I thought I was in love.  Then it was Cauliflower Popcorn.  But this snack beats them all hands down.

It will satisfy your sweet craving without adding the pounds.  Even my daughter, Meadow, who claims to hate all beans, ate them.

In fact, she grabbed the bowl away and took off with it!  Man, she is a sneaky one sometimes! It was gone pretty darn fast.  I am roasting another batch as I type this.

Here is a little video of how to make them.  For more videos, you can subscribe to my You Tube Channel.


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Maple Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas

Maple Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 45 min



  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mix everything well in a bowl.
  3. Pour the mixture onto a parchment lined baking sheet.
  4. Roast in the oven for about 45 minutes, shaking every 10 minutes to keep them from burning. That’s it. Easy peasy!


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178 thoughts to “Maple Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas”

  1. We have a diabetes issue here, too. This sounds wonderful! But would like to try something to cut sugar. You mentioned syrup made with stevia, do you know where to get this? And could I then add some maple extract for flavor? I know, it's better natural. I do have a diabetic honey but it like anti-natural and not a healthy sugar alternative like stevia.
    1. You can buy the stevia liquid drops at any health food store. All you would need was a little to sweeten since stevia is much sweeter than sugar. :)
    2. Not sure if it has Stevie in it but there are some sugar free maple syrups at Walmart and Kroger. I buy either one when needed and I like the taste of them...hope this helps!
  2. I tried these last night. In a bit of a hurry, so I didn't read the part about drying the peas before mixing with the other ingredients. BIG mistake. The coating just fell off. So I tried another batch. I dried the peas and put them in the oven to dry more then took them out to coat them. I also melted the coconut oil too.The coating stuck better. However the chickpeas came out tasting just like chickpeas. I was wondering if there would be more flavor if the peas marinated in the coating for awhile before baking. Maybe more flavor would go deeper into the peas.
    1. Really? Maybe you just needed to cook them longer? The coating should have caramelized onto the chickpeas. I am sorry they did not work out for you. :(
  3. I made these this morning. It made the whole house smell really nice. I tried a few and they taste like corn nuts. Even thought they're made with maple syrup they're not that sweet. They're quite crunchy though. I do like them just wish I could taste the maple styrup. That being said, I'll be trying another chickpea recipe cause I do like how they crunch and that they're healthy :)
  4. These look so good! Do you know how far in advance I can make these? I.e., how long would they stay crunchy if in a sealed container? I'd love to give them as Christmas gifts...
    1. I'm not sure how long they would last, but if you are storing them, let them cool completely and add some dry rice to the container you store them in. The rice should help absorb the moisture to keep them dry.

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