Homemade Clif Bars (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Homemade Clif Bar recipe.  When I made my Healthy Cookie Dough Bites the other day, I thought the flavors would be a great base for Homemade Clif Bars.

So, I set out to create them.  A lot of readers lately have been asking if Clif bars are okay to eat.  I used to but them by the case as well.  I would take them to work in the days when I waited tables on the Las Vegas strip.

Here are the ingredients to the Chocolate Chip Peanut bar that I got off their website:

Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch:

Organic Brown Rice Syrup, ClifPro® (Soy Rice Crisps [Soy Protein Isolate, Rice Flour, Barley Malt Extract], Organic Soy Flour, Organic Roasted Soybeans), Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Toasted Oats (Organic Oats, Organic Dried Cane Syrup, Ascorbic Acid, Natural Vitamin E [Antioxidant]), Organic Cane Syrup, Organic Peanut Butter (Organic Peanuts, Salt), Chocolate Chips (Dried Cane Syrup, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla Extract), Peanut Flour, Peanuts, ClifCrunch® (Organic Oat Fiber, Apple Fiber, Inulin [Chicory Extract], Psyllium, Organic Milled Flaxseed), Organic Date Paste, Natural Flavors, Sea Salt.

Wow!  That’s a lot of ingredients!  Soy protein isolate is a hidden form of MSG.  There are also “natural flavors” in these.  Those two things alone would make me put these back on the shelf nowadays.  So, moving on to my homemade clif bars.

My homemade clif bar recipe is great because it serves as a good base for you to add whatever kind of flavors you like.


Homemade Clif Bars


These would go great with a glass of Homemade Almond Milk.

Homemade Clif Bars

Homemade Clif Bars

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 20 min


  1. Preheat oven to 325.
  2. Grind up the oats and almonds in the food processor .
  3. When they have a crumbly consistency, add the dates and coconut.
  4. Lastly add the water slowly as you pulse the ingredients together until a batter forms. It will be thick and sticky.
  5. Line an 8X8 pan with parchment paper leaving enough paper sticking out on each side so you will be able to lift the whole thing out when done.
  6. Working carefully, spread batter evenly out to all the sides.
  7. Press mixture down with a spatula to get it firm.
  8. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.
  9. Let cool completely before removing intact.
  10. Cut bars with a pizza cutter .


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194 thoughts to “Homemade Clif Bars (Vegan and Gluten Free)”

  1. Would it change the cooking ability, ie. the "make up", of the bars if you added nut butter? And if you added it, how much could you add before it would make the "dough" too runny? I'm nervous to try it and ruin them, that would be a rather expensive mistake, kwim? Or, if say you added chocolate chips, which my son would like to make them more appealing to him, when would you add them? Love this idea!
    1. Chocolate chips wouldn't matter at all. The dough is very thick and sticky. Adding maybe 1/4 cup of almond butter should be okay. I would love to hear the results if it works for you. :)
    2. I added a few chocolate chips and also raisins to the homemade cookie dough bites when I made them the other day, and I just used a spatula to mix them in after I had made the "dough" in the food processor. I didn't want the raisins and chocolate chips to get too ground up. :)
    1. You can probably sub sunflower seeds or just add more oats. Can she do peanuts? They might work too. If you sub something, please let me know how it works so I can tell others in the future.
  2. I added cranberries to one batch. Then I made an apple cinnamon batch with applesauce and lots of cinnamon! I also substituted the almonds for walnuts for one, and used pecans for another. Love these.
  3. Making these now. Do you think you could make a double batch? I'm making a single right now. I am just thinking for my daughter for the whole week. I want to start making all snacks on Sundays.
    1. I am not sure a double batch would fit in a food processor. You can make back to back batches though. I wished I made a second after we tasted how good they were.
  4. Any idea how these would freeze? I like to make multiple batches of foods to freeze for busy days.. and these sound perfect. I just wish my son could bring nut products to school!
  5. I used all oatmeal instead of almonds and they turned out fine.I would use the almonds but the kids school is nut free.I also added a bit of shaved chocolate!
  6. This may be a bit of a stretch, but any suggestions for oat free recipe?? They don't settle well with us over here! The recipe sounds great though. :)
    1. You might be able to sub oats for more almonds or for sunflower seeds. I have not tried though. If you do, I would love to know the results so I can tell others.
      1. There are flourless cookies that use ground almonds to make the dough, so I think you're right about increasing the almond measurement, but I think an oat-free cookie might need more of a binding agent (maybe nut butter or honey).
  7. Thank you SO much for experimenting with these and sharing! My husband loves Cliff bars and this will allow me to give him non-chocolate options (he's not a fan for breakfast) that are good for him! Making these this weekend for sure!!!!! Yay! :)
  8. I made your original recipe and the family liked them. I also tried a batch where I substituted chocolate chips for the coconut and added some mint extract. The kids really liked them although I think I used to much mint (1/2 tsp). I'll try them again with a little less mint and some cocoa powder. Thanks for sharing your recipes!
  9. I made these with your original recipe last night, but snuck in 2 Tbsp flaxseed and they turned out great! My toddler loves them! :)
    1. Thanks! I actually have a bunch of larabar recipes on here too. My favorite is the coconut cream larabar. https://mywholefoodlife.com/2013/02/11/coconut-cream-larabars/
  10. Looks like a great alternative to cliff bars. I do have a few questions. First, how long do the last outside of the fridge, and if I put some in my backpack for a day hike, are they gonna get all smashed or will they disintegrate? Thanks.
    1. They will not disintegrate, but they may get a bit mushy. Even the regular clif bars do that. I am an avid hiker as well and sometimes I will freeze my bars, knowing when I pull them out on the hike, they will be defrosted. That may be something to do.
  11. Totally agree that cliff bars, granola bars, protein bars, etc. are all packed with too much STUFF. I love how your consciousness led to creating your own! They look great and I'm looking forward to making a batch myself.
    1. I hope you enjoy them. I love how the recipe is so adaptable. I have made several variations and all have come out great.
  12. Wow! So simple and so good. I usually buy 2 boxes of Clif bars per month as lunch fillers for my 2 high school kids. I doubled your recipe, and after initial blending, added chopped dried apricots, chocolate chips and frozen low bush cranberries. My kids raved about them. Their friends put in orders too. I tried wrapping them in waxed paper and freezing them en mass. It works perfectly. Thanks so much for the website. I'm a fan, can you tell?
  13. Hi, love your site! Do you have any idea how many Weight Watchers points each bar would have? I just joined WW and am trying to find more home-made recipes for items I would normally buy. Thank you!
      1. Hi! I think the only way is if you have nutrition information on them - WW has a calculator on their site - but if you don't have it, that's ok : )
    1. I figured the Weight Watchers Points to be 48 for the whole batch. If you made them in an 8X8 pan and cut them 4X4 they come out to 3 Points per bar. I've been doing Weight Watchers for a year now and have lost a total of 97 pounds. These bars will be a great addition to my new healthy eating lifestyle.
      1. That's great! Congrats on the weight loss! I think Weight Watcher's can be a great program. I just wish their processed food options would be healthier.
  14. Is it possible I could omit the dates and add more coconut or chocolate chips? How much would you suggest?
    1. The dates act as a binder so I am not sure chocolate chips would work. Maybe peanut or almond butter? I am not sure. Just guessing. You could also try another dried fruit if you like.

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