Homemade Nutri-Grain Bars

Who doesn’t like a Nutri-Grain bar? I made you Homemade Nutri-Grain Bars!  I used to eat them like crazy until I liked at all the ingredients in them.  If you read it as well, you probably know that they are laden with way too many chemicals and artificial dyes.

So naturally I had to create my own homemade nutri-grain bars.  My homemade nutrigrain bars tastes so much better and it’s made from wholesome ingredients.

Homemade Nutri-Grain Bars

Sadly, it took me two tries.

I did some tweaking the second time around and they still didn’t look that pretty, but I thought, what the heck, I will post them!  The second time I learned from my mistakes so hopefully, these will be easy for you to make.

I filled them with pureed dates and also with a fruit spread. I personally liked the dates better as a filling, but use what ever you like.  I know many people have said they filled them with homemade Nutella.  I bet that is amazing too! I’m not sure I trust myself with something like that haha.

Homemade Nutri-Grain Bars

Homemade Nutri-Grain Bars

Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 13 min


    For the bars

    For the filling

    • Your favorite fruit spread or 12 medjool dates blended up into a caramel with a bit of water


    1. Preheat oven to 350.
    2. In a food processor, grind up the almonds and oats. Measure them before grinding. 
    3. Once they are ground into a slightly course consistency, add them to a bowl with the rest of the dry ingredients. 
    4. In another bowl, add the wet ingredients. 
    5. Add dry to wet and mix just until combined. 
    6. Gather the dough into a ball.  It will be a bit sticky. 
    7. Wrap it in plastic and place in the fridge for about 30-60 minutes to firm up. 
    8. Once firm, cut a piece of parchment paper the size of a baking sheet, and lay it on the counter.
    9. Cut the dough ball in half.  I used a bench scraper to cut mine. 
    10. Take one piece and roll it out onto the parchment, putting some plastic wrap between the rolling pin and dough. 
    11. Roll it until it is about 1/4-1/2 inch thick. 
    12. Spread jam onto the top. 
    13. Roll the second ball of dough the same way onto another piece of parchment. Place that onto the dough with the jam. I made sure all the sides were sealed up. Then slice into squares with a pizza cutter. Bake for about 13 minutes. These should last a week or two. You can freeze them as well.  Remember to save your parchment paper.  You can re-use the same piece over and over again.  Enjoy!


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    217 thoughts to “Homemade Nutri-Grain Bars”

        1. Update- I just finished them and they are delicious! Almost exactly like nutrigrain bars actually, but better. I used dates too. I was a bit confused with the recipe, probably because I'm a newbie baker. I had a hard time rolling the dough on parchment paper. Do you tape it to the counter? Lol, I have no idea! I somehow figured it out and got the job done. I also didn't know if I was supposed to bake it with the parchment paper on a cookie sheet...I just used a cookie sheet...I cut them after I baked, instead of before.... and I ended up using more like 20 dates.....either way they turned out great! Thanks for the recipe
          1. Awesome! You did great if you are a newbie baker. :) You can bake with parchment, just not wax paper. I don't tape the parchment paper, but that is a great idea for next time! Glad you liked them!
    1. Hi. I'm Enoch. I like to go to the Whole Eat (Foods) store had get the blue bar (their brand nitra-grain bar blueberry flavored) from the kid's treat area. These look yummy. Thank you for making them up. And for making a photo with your camera to show me how to try them. Hi. My son and I lay in bed and scroll though food together until he's sleepy. Tonight he saw these and was so excited he talked about them at least a half hour after lights out! I texted a little note from him into inotes; so that I could share it with you. I read you have children, so you can imagine my delight in pleasing him. I do allow him a bar when we shop, but I know it's a full sugar cookie in its ingredients, and not organic. Thanks for helping me out. I won't buy a box so how cool to have a version we can make! From one cook from scratch mom to another, thank you. Sincerely, Katylin aka Enoch's Mum
    2. I just stumbled upon your website and now have it bookmarked as one of my favorites. I love what you stand for and deeply appreciate having some guidance on recreating store-bought favorites that are healthful and unprocessed. Thanks so much for sharing all of your ideas. I just made the pumpkin pie oatmeal muffins (actually squished them into cookie shapes) and my son loved them for breakfast. He actually thanked me for making them for him!!! So thank YOU!
    3. Hi, These look healthy but do you know if the almonds can be substituded for another nut type? I would share with my sister and she is allergic to almonds.
        1. Great! I will check with her if there are any nuts she is not allergic to. Can you omit the nuts all together and perhaps add coconut?
    4. I'm curious what I could use in place of almonds, or any nuts, for that matter - to make them school friendly. We have a "nuts and baked goods" ban at our school so I think these would make a terrific alternative snack (as a 'healthified baked good'). Help! (my son is 5)
    5. Best blog ever. The recipes don't taste as good as the store bought versions. They taste better. After eating a clean diet for a while now, the nasty stuff in boxes from the market makes me gag. I wonder what those toxic ingredients do to the brain to prevent people from realizing they are poisoning themselves. Chemists spend a lit of time figuring these things out for big food companies.
    6. Cant wait to try these! My 2 year old loves all types of granola bars and ive been trying to find more healthy recipes for them. Do you think i could do rasins or prunes the same way you do the dates?? Also, has anyone tried these with sunflower seeds instead of almonds? Did you use the same amount or more?
      1. Raisins would be fine. I also think sunflower seeds instead of almonds would work out. Please let me know so I can tell others in the future. :)
    7. I'm loving reading all of your recipes and made the chi seed jam with blueberries. Yummy. Could I use that in this recipe or do you think the water content might be too high? Thanks!
    8. Thanks for this yummy recipe! My son loves a variety of cereal bars. I have recently been cutting artificial dyes from our diets (to improve behavior issues - it really does help!) and I was very sad to find things I thought were good for us contain so many artificial ingredients. Most of what we eat is organically grown from our garden or friend's farms, but I was still buying store bought items for convenience. That is getting harder the more I look for items without artificial dyes. This will be a great addition to our Organic and Whole Foods recipes!
    9. I just made a grape/gluten free version of this & they are amazing!!! My 2 year old loves the store bought gluten free nutrigrain bars but I will not be buying them ever again... THANK YOU for all of your recipes!!
        1. I keep mine in the fridge in a covered container. You can probably keep them on the counter for a couple days, but I wouldn't for too long. You can also freeze them.
      1. Hi Amanda - what was your substitute to make these gluten free? I'm new to the GF ways and need all the help I can get! Thanks!
    10. I made these last night. AMAZING!!! My husband loves Nutrigrain bars and said these were a LOT better. He jokingly claimed the whole batch for himself. lol I used 1T of coconut oil and the rest was apple sauce. Thank you for another amazing recipe. :)
    11. We try to avoid wheat whenever possible. How do you think these would turn out with a gluten-free flour such as coconut, quinoa or brown rice?
      1. I haven't tried coconut or brown rice flour, but I have made a similar treat using this recipe for the dough. https://mywholefoodlife.com/2013/11/08/gluten-free-pumpkin-pie-pop-tarts/
        1. Thank you! And I stumbled across your blog, but I am so happy I did! You have great recipes on here. It is so hard raising kids on healthy foods when they are bombarded with processed snacks at school! Your website has so many ideas for snacks that I can send to school as replacements for my kids.
    12. Wanted to use up some almond meal so tried this. I didn't follow the directions and made a couple of mistakes. I didn't evenly roll out the top dough so the middle had a much thicker top crust. I also forgot to seal up the sides so all the fruit spread dribbled out making this look more like a crumble. I wasn't making this for anyone so didn't care too much about presentation. Taste was pretty fabulous and I loved the crumble crust. I'm sure it'll turn out much better next time because this was a great recipe!

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