Gluten Free Homemade Oreos

Gluten Free Homemade Oreos.  Did you know that Oreos are actually vegan?  I was surprised too.

Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on a box of Oreos?  Lots of chemicals, processed sugar and additives.

No thank you.  I will stick to my gluten free homemade Oreos.  This recipe for homemade oreos contains only simple ingredients and it’s easy to make too!


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I don’t know why I waited so long to try and make homemade Oreos.  After my Gluten Free Nutter Butters were such a hit, I knew it was time to try Oreos.

I have to be honest, these don’t taste 100% like Oreos.  In my opinion, they are actually better.  You can make so many varieties depending on what you fill them with.  The possibilities are endless.

Gluten Free Homemade Oreos

Gluten Free Homemade Oreos

Prep Time 1 hr, 15 Cook Time 8-12 M Serves 15 cookies     adjust servings

Say goodbye to store bought. These homemade oreos are all you need!


    For the cookies

    For the filling


    1. Mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl .
    2. Mix wet in another.
    3. Add wet to dry and mix until combined.
    4. Gather dough into a ball and wrap it in plastic.
    5. Stick it in the fridge to chill for about 1 hour.
    6. Preheat oven to 350.
    7. Once dough is chilled, cut it in half with a bench scraper .
    8. Tear out 2 sheets of parchment paper.
    9. Roll the dough out onto one piece of parchment, while putting the other piece of parchment between the rolling pin and the dough. This helps the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.
    10. Once the dough is rolled out very thin, cut it into circles using a cookie cutter.
    11. Place cookies on a lined baking sheet .
    12. Repeat these steps with the other half of the dough.
    13. Once all the cookies are cut, bake in the oven for about 8-12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the cookies. (I checked on mine every 5 minutes)
    14. While the cookies are baking, mix the filling ingredients in a blender or food processor .
    15. Wait until the cookies have cooled completely before adding the filling and making them into sandwiches.
    16. The filling will feel loose, but when you stick the cookies in the fridge, it firms up nicely.


    Recipe Notes

    If you don't like coconut, you can fill the cookies with a cashew cream instead of coconut butter. Sub cashews (that are soaked overnight) for coconut butter and follow the rest of the filling recipe. You can also fill the cookies with natural peanut butter, almond butter or sunflower butter. This will cut some sugar out of the recipe.

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    23 thoughts to “Gluten Free Homemade Oreos”

    1. The recipe calls for ground vanilla beans. I have whole beans that I'd like to use but am not exactly sure how. Do I scrape the seeds out or actually grind the whole pod?
      1. I do make my own. I even shot a video about it. My first video, so please forgive the awkwardness. lol.
      1. You can definitely taste the coconut. I did give an alternative to the coconut at the bottom of the recipe though. :)
    2. These look amazing and I'm super excited because I love Oreo's but all the chemicals and refined sugar make me stay away! I have 2 questions, #1 where can I find coconut butter or do you make it? #2 can you use organic vanilla extract instead of ground vanilla bean? Thanks!
      1. You can find coconut butter at most health food stores. It is usually in the same place as the nut butter. You can also make your own, but it will come out slightly gritty. Here is a recipe to make it. I made my own for this recipe. Yes you can use extract, but use only 1 tsp instead of 2.
    3. Hi Melissa! I'm in the process of making these. When you say you can sub peanut butter or other nut butters, do you mean add them to the filling mixture or just fill the cookies with plain nut butter? Thanks!

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