My Kitchen Renovation

If you’re in my Facebook group, you already know I have been renovating my kitchen.  Perhaps you saw my before-video.  Or maybe one of my cooking videos?  My husband and I have been saving every dime we could since we moved into this house 3 years ago.  I love the character of my house, but the kitchen was not functional and all the rooms were closed off.  Below should give you an idea of what the space used to look like.

Before Pics

My in-laws were nice enough to let us stay with them during the renovation which took about 10 weeks to complete.  As you can see, all the rooms were closed off and the kitchen had very little workspace.  Here is how it looked after demo. During the demo we did have a bit of good news. We used to have an electric stove and thought it was going to be too pricey to convert to gas.  Then to our surprise, a gas line was revealed behind the oven in the wall. Yay!!  Cooking with gas is so much better.

Kitchen Reno 2

As you can see, we knocked down 2 supporting walls and it already looks so much bigger and brighter!  What a difference!  We used to have a drop-ceiling in the kitchen that held all the duct work.  So when we removed that, we had to re-route our entire HVAC system.  That caused us to go over budget a bit, but there was really no avoiding it.  Next the cabinets went in. We chose custom built shaker cabinets.

PicMonkey Collage

Then they painted the cabinets on site using an oil based paint. The fumes were so strong that we actually couldn’t visit the house for at least 4 days.  Here is how the cabinets looked once they were painted, and what a difference already.

Kitchen Renovation 3

I was super impressed with the attention to detail with the cabinets and also the supporting columns.  They almost looked like furniture!  In the picture above, you can also see my new kitchen floor.  The floor is tile made to look like distressed wood.  One of my favorite things about the kitchen!  My other favorite thing is my farmhouse sink.  So glad we splurged on it.  I can lay a large baking sheet flat inside it!

Then the paint for the walls and the counters came in.  We choose to do a light gray for the main walls.  It was called March Wind by Sherman Williams.   I also decided to do an accent wall of blue to tie in with the blue in the back splash.  The blue was called Tranquil Aqua by Sherman Williams.

Then the back splash came in.  The blue glass tiles in the back splash were the inspiration for the color palate of the kitchen.


We did the blue glass tiles + white subway tiles for our back splash.  For the counter top, we chose a dark gray quarts.  I love the contrast of the dark and light shades with the pop of blue.

Here are the final photos.




We are still missing out on our gas cook top, but everything else is all set to go.  We are so pleased with the results.  If you are in the DFW area, I highly recommend Bry-Jo Roofing and Remodeling.  Worth every penny and I am not even being paid to say that. 🙂  Once we get the cook top installed, we plan on doing more videos so stay tuned.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.  I still can’t believe this is my house!  I feel very blessed. 🙂

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34 thoughts to “My Kitchen Renovation”

  1. WOW, Melissa!!! You really did the reno! Looks amazing, I love how open it is! Love everything! White and grey seems to be really the trend these days. I have a 10 year old kitchen but it doesn't look as good as yours. Well deserved and A+ for saving! Yeah, I hear ya about fitting the cookie sheet or casserole dish in the sink LOL
  2. very beautiful and tastefully done what a transformation . It most certainly is a dream come true kitchen. Congrats to you and Marcus and the girls you certainly deserve it
  3. Oh Melissa it sure was worth the wait. I love the colour and all the lighting. What a beautiful kitchen for you to create in. What a great idea for the blue glass tiles it makes it all come together with freshness too. Happy cooking/baking xoxo
  4. It's so beautiful and inviting! Your hard work is paying off, congrats to you! I bet your in-laws miss your cooking.. ;P
  5. Really lovely, Melissa! A nice kitchen IS worth every penny. I re-did mine about 8 years ago and I have loved walking into it each and every day. I have an electric cooktop though and I LOVE it. It's the flat ceramic kind and so easy to clean. I don't understand the love of gas cooking. But I do a lot of raw food and use my oven probably more than I do the cooktop. And I'm just mainly cooking for myself. Maybe that's the difference. Enjoy cooking in your kitchen! It's beautiful!
  6. Oh Melissa, How thrilled you must be!☺ You certainly deserve your new kitchen. It must feel like your in a different house lol! So happy for you. Yay!
    1. Thank you! Funny you say that. The contractor is going to take photos of my kitchen for Houzz. :)
  7. I love the dark wood and the light tile combo in your kitchen and dining room area. I want to change the floor in my home. However, I know nothing about flooring colors and how they look good and not good together. Is there a great place that can guide me in that area of flooring?
    1. The dark wood was already in my house. They pulled it out of 100 year old homes here in Texas. The kitchen tile is made to look like distressed wood

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