Kitchen Renovation 1

In February we are planning a major kitchen renovation.   I planning on blogging about the whole thing.  To start, I thought I would give you guys a tour of my kitchen as it looks today.   My girls insisted on being in the video too.  Once the kitchen is done, I plan on shooting more cooking videos.


6 thoughts to “Kitchen Renovation 1”

  1. Melissa, You create some pretty Amazing things and take some super amazing photos out of that tiny kitchen! Very excited for you Jessica
  2. You look completely different when your hair is straight!! Love the long bob on you! And, yes! I am excited for your kitchen reno. You have had your blog for how long, cooking and creating magnificent recipes in that tiny kitchen of yours... and it's so neat and organized!!! I am so impressed and to me, you are Wonder Woman! And, your daughters are totally adorable... someone loves being and talking on camera! LOL. <3

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