5 Travel Tips for Healthy Living

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Travel is my most favorite thing in the world.  In fact, I skimp on many other luxuries in life to be able to travel more. Today I am partnering with REBBL to share 5 travel tips for healthy living.


Lake Stewart

(Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico)


Let’s face it though, sometimes it’s hard to stay healthy when traveling, so I am going to share some tips that may make it easier for you!


If you are flying, you are allowed to bring most food on an airplane (even in a carry on) as long as it’s not liquid. For more TSA rules, you can refer to their site.  Some of the things I like to bring with me are Justin’s nut butter packets, apples, larabars, dried fruit and seeds.  You can also bring things like quick oats to be able to make food in your room.  Just boil the water in the coffee maker.

If you make overnight oats thick enough, they are okay to take on the plane.  REBBL elixirs make a great liquid component for overnight oats.  You can always try this recipe.

Once I get to my destination, I head to the REBBL website to search their store locator for the nearest location.  I stock up on several of their drinks. I am absolutely in LOVE with their Reishi Cold-Brew.



Let’s face it, most hotel coffee stinks so I always crave something better. There are a few things I love about the REBBL Reishi Cold- Brew.  It contains zero added sugar and you also get the boost of super herbs!  Reishi extract.  Reishi is a type of mushroom.  The extract gets blended and used in the Reishi Cold-Brew.  It can help with healthy immune function, and that is so important when you are traveling.

All REBBL drinks are gluten free, organic and fair trade as well. Most are vegan.


(Franconia Notch, White Mountains in New Hampshire)



Happy Cow is the best app for vegans!  It has introduced me to so many cool places I would not have discovered on my own.  Happy Cow will tell you all the vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants in any area. It will also show you stores with vegan options.  The app also has reviews.  Super helpful.


I am one of those weird people that loves exercise haha!  So I always incorporate it into my vacations.  Whether it’s a bike ride along the coast, a hike in the woods, or just walking around a new city.  Any exercise you can squeeze in on vacation is very beneficial. Plus, walking around a new city is a great way to explore.  You can also chat with the locals and get their tips on the best places to eat.

After I come back from that exercise, I like to enjoy REBBL’s Vanilla Spice Protein Elixir.  It has 16 grams of clean, plant-based protein that helps repair muscles.


REBBL’s Vanilla Spice Protein also contains several super herbs that are beneficial before or after a workout.

  • Maca – Supports healthy energy levels and stamina
  • Reishi – Can support cardiovascular health
  • Ashwagandha – Supports sustained physical endurance



This is so vital.  Travel can be hard on the body, so it’s important you get a good night’s rest to re-charge.  I know sleeping in a new place/bed can be an adjustment.  Some things I do to help me sleep when I am away from home are:

Shut down electronics an hour before bed and make time to read.  You guys.  I do this every night and I swear it helps.

Bring a noise machine to block out all the sounds around you.  I swear by this. Nowadays they make them super small so they are easy to pop in your luggage.  I have this one and it’s awesome.

Make myself of relaxing tea.  It reminds me of home even when I am far away. I love this one.

Take 10 slow, deep breaths and you can also even do a few relaxing yoga stretches.  These are great.


(Destin, Florida)

REBBL’s Ashwagandha Chai helps support enhanced relaxation.


Hydration is so important, especially when you travel. Water can help cleanse your body – inside and out. It also helps keep your body cool.  I always carry a bottle of water around with me.  Pro tip: most hotels have a filtered water cooler in their gyms.  I always bring several big bottles to fill up and bring to my room.

For more info on REBBL products, you can visit their website.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy travels!

(Boulder, Colorado)

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