No Bake Snickerdoodle Truffles (Vegan)

Put these No Bake Snickerdoodle Truffles on your must make list!  When I was shopping at Whole Foods the other day, they were giving out samples of these vegan snickerdoodle truffles.

While they were very delicious, the ingredients were definitely not the healthiest.  So when I got home, I set out to make my own version and I think they came out pretty good.

If you love truffles, you must also check out these dark chocolate raspberry truffles, and these pecan caramel truffles.


no bake snickerdoodle truffles


This healthier truffle recipe contains only 6 simple ingredients and requires no baking!  It’s also vegan, gluten free and paleo approved.

I plan on taking them to my neighborhood wine party this weekend and I hope they will be a hit.

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Pecan Caramel Truffles (Vegan, Gluten Free)

The holidays are approaching fast and now it’s time to share all kind of sweet treats.  Today I have some Pecan Caramel Truffles that are out of this world.

This was originally going to be a recipe for energy bites, but I thought they were a bit too rich.  Much better suited as a dessert.  This healthy truffle recipe is a cinch to make and it will be a hit with anyone.


Pecan Caramel Truffles - My Whole Food Life


It only took me a few minutes to whip up these Pecan Caramel Truffles.  If you enjoy all things pecan and caramel, you will also like my pecan caramel ice cream and my cinnamon pecan cookies.

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Vanilla Creme Truffles

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you know I love truffle recipes.   Since I am more of a vanilla girl, I wanted to make some Vanilla Creme Truffles.  I used vanilla beans instead of extract.  The vanilla beans are a must try!  They add so much more vanilla flavor without the alcohol taste.  These came out quite delicious.  I think they would also be good without the chocolate coating.  They are also a super cinch to make.  If you also like truffles, you may want to try this recipe.  It’s one of the most popular recipes on the blog.

Vanilla Creme Truffles 1 - My Whole Food Life

These healthy truffles are vegan, gluten free and paleo.  Unlike most of my other truffle recipe, this one calls for a cashew cream for the base instead of coconut butter.  I used the cashew cream because I really wanted the vanilla flavor to stand out.

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Paleo Cookie Dough Truffles

I made you guys some Paleo Cookie Dough Truffles!  Since we are about to start a kitchen renovation, we are trying to eat mostly from what we have in the pantry.  I happened to have some macadamia nuts, so I made macadamia nut butter.  It’s super easy and can be made in under 5 minutes.   I then wanted to create a recipe that used it so that is how these Paleo Cookie Dough Truffles came out.  You all know how I love healthy truffle recipes! 🙂  This recipe is so easy and only calls for 6 ingredients!  I love the little flecks of vanilla bean in these!  It also adds great flavor.  If you like this, then you may also like my strawberry creme truffles or my pumpkin truffles.

Paleo Cookie Dough Truffles - My Whole Food Life

Not only are these paleo cookie dough truffles easy, they are also gluten free and vegan.  Keep them in the fridge or freezer when you want a little something sweet.  This recipe makes a small batch too.  Feel free to double it if you like.

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Cake Batter Truffles

Yes!  I have some Cake Batter Truffles for you!  A little while back, I made some cake batter coconut butter.  It was seriously amazing!  If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you do.  Then you can use some of it for this truffle recipe.  Who doesn’t like cake batter right?  Especially when it is covered in chocolate.  Chocolate makes everything better!  These cake batter truffles did not last long in our house!

Cake Batter Truffles - My Whole Food Life

These truffles are super easy to make.  They are vegan, gluten free and paleo.  If you don’t want to make your own cake batter coconut butter, you can get a store bought version as well.  The store bought version is double the price of my homemade cake batter coconut butter.  If you like flavored coconut butter, you may also like this recipe.  I used chocolate chips to make the chocolate coating, but you can also use my 3 ingredient chocolate recipe.  If you choose to use the 3 ingredient chocolate, then you can omit the almond milk. Here is a short video on how to make the 3 ingredient chocolate

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