Slow Cooker Breakfast Quinoa

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Have you ever had quinoa for breakfast?  Quinoa can be very versatile.  I have used quinoa in cookies and stir fries in the past, but this was my first try eating quinoa for breakfastQuinoa is naturally gluten free, so it’s a great alternative to oatmeal.  This slow cooker breakfast quinoa was much better than I ever expected!  Slow cooking the quinoa allowed the sugars in the dates and apples to come out.  I added no sugar at all to this slow cooker breakfast quinoa.

Slow Cooker Breakfast Quinoa - My Whole Food Life 1

This would be the perfect breakfast to make if you were having company over.  It makes a good amount.  Like I said before, I thought it was plenty sweet without sugar, but if you like things a bit sweeter, you can always add some maple syrup to it in the morning.

Slow Cooker Breakfast Quinoa

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 2-3H

Total Time: 3 hours, 5 minutes

Yield: 5 servings

Slow Cooker Breakfast Quinoa



  • Throw all the ingredients in a crock pot.
  • Cook on high for 2 hours or until all the liquid is absorbed.
  • If you want to cook it overnight, turn on the crock pot to low right before you go to bed. It should be ready by morning.

You can cook this one low for 8 hours if you want to cook it overnight. It should last a week in the fridge and can probably be frozen as well.

48 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Breakfast Quinoa

  1. I just did steel cut oats yesterday using peaches. It actually cooked in 5 hours on low. My crock pot gets really hot. It was my mothers so I guess they made them hotter years ago.
    it was very good. My husband took some with him to work so he can warm it when he is ready.

    I have never used quinoa in a recipe.

    i cooked some one time just to try it.

    1. It might. My mother in law made this originally and used farro. She did it in the rice cooker and used the setting called porridge.

  2. I have never had Quinoa before. I am looking for different foods to eat that is healthier. I have seen Quinoa in a box in the grocery store. Can you tell me if it is healthier then brown rice and how do I cook it?

    1. Quinoa is healthier than brown rice. It’s a complete protein and technically a seed, not a grain. You cook it in a similar manner to rice. I buy mine in bulk at Natural Grocers. It is cheapest that way.

        1. If you don’t enjoy the “earth flavor” of quinoa then try rinsing it thoroughly before cooking. This helps improve the flavor of any color quinoa.

    2. Quinoa is great. Follow the directions on the package… make sure you rinse the quinoa well, until the water is pretty clear. When I first started using quinoa I didn’t know to rinse it and got bad stomach aches after eating it. My husband asked if I’d been rinsing it… once I started rinsing it well, I have had no problems since.

  3. What size crock pot do you use? Mine is huge (~6qt), and I’m worried this won’t work in a big one. I guess I could double it!

  4. I’ve always wanted to use a slow cooker for breakfast but I’ve always been afraid something horrible would happen over night and I’d wake up to an awful mess… but I think it’s time I take the plunge :) this looks delicious!

  5. Would like to try quinoa for breeakfast since. I also have a large crockpot. Can this recipe be easily doubled? Even then it seems like a small amount to cook overnight

  6. Be careful with this recipe! I did it in the slow cooker overnight, 8 hours only, and it burned terribly. When I got up, there was a thick crust of burn all around my cooker, which I have now soaked for awhile and still can’t get off. I don’t think this was tested for that, even though it clearly says it. I will try again, but three hours means that you have to make it a day before, which isn’t super convenient. Just an FYI.

      1. I think some slowcookers just cook too hot. Especially the cheaper ones, even on low. My dad gave me a Ninja for Christmas and I LOVE that thing! Haven’t had a problem with anything burning since :-) Helps that it automatically switches to “keep warm” after the time you set it to cook. I’m making this tonight! Will let you know how it turns out! :-D

          1. It’s good! I didn’t have an apple, so I left that out and added pecans instead of pepitas. It’s a good recipe for customizing, I think! :) Didn’t burn at all in my Ninja and the kitchen smelled gooood when I got up. I added a little butter and maple syrup to mine. Delish, and very filling!

  7. I tried the overnight on low as well. Burned to a bad smelling crisp after 6.5 hours. I’ve never had a problem with my crockpot before. I have tried many recipes on low setting before with no problem. So much potential. Not sure if I am going to try this again. I was so looking forward to a wonderful breakfast before work.

  8. Great recipe, thank you! To avoid overcooking or crispy edges, try cooking it in a dish (oven safe) inside the crock. Pour water around it to about half way up the dish. This works well for oatmeal also :)

  9. I’m certainly going to give this a try. I make breakfast for my kids almost every morning, lots of times in a crockpot (I am NOT a morning person). One of their favorites is steel cut oats, which are better tasting (in our opinions) and better for you than rolled oats but, they take FOREVER to cook on the stovetop. To be able cook them and still have them taste great, I bought one of the cheap automatic timers (for lamps and things) and plug my crockpot into it. I don’t put my ingredients in until sometime between 10 and midnight. Depending on what I’m making and when I go to bed, I set my timer to come on between midnight and 2:30 am, that way I don’t have to worry about any ingredients spoiling. I set my to turn off about 30 minutes before were ready for breakfast so, it has time to “sit and cool” slightly but, it’s still hot.

  10. Trying this tonight ready for the morning. Great tip bernadette using a timer on my socket so it doesn’t burn. Let you know how it goes.

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