Spelt Blueberry Bread

I have been wanting to do blueberry bread/muffins for a while now.  This blueberry bread came out great and can even be done with frozen blueberries.  I used spelt flour in this and that is why I call it spelt blueberry bread.   If you haven’t baked with spelt, I recommend you try it.  It’s not gluten free, but it contains far less gluten than whole wheat.  It’s great in muffin and bread recipes like this one.

blueberry bread watermark

Growing up in Massachusetts, we had wild blueberries everywhere in the woods behind our house.  I would always pick them to bake with, or even just grab a handful and stuff them in my mouth.  Man, those were they days.  No worries about pesticides and GMOs then.  Now I just buy organic and hope for the best.  Maybe we will add them to our garden.  I am just not sure how they grow here in Texas.

Spelt Blueberry Bread

Spelt Blueberry Bread

Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 40 min



  1. Preheat oven to 350. 
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl. 
  3. Mix wet in another. 
  4. Add dry to wet. 
  5. Fold in blueberries. 
  6. Pour in a greased loaf pan and bake for 35-40 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.


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86 thoughts to “Spelt Blueberry Bread”

  1. Sounds delicious! I haven't used coconut sugar before, and don't have any. We usually use honey in our bread. Any suggestions for consistency ?
    1. I think honey would be fine to use, but you may need to cut back on some other liquid so it is not too runny. I use maple syrup a lot in my baking as well.
  2. I've never used spelt flour, but saw it at the grocery store today and it was a little pricey. If I subbed whole wheat flour would it be okay?
  3. How about using date syrop isntead of sugar (15 dates blended with 5-9 tablespoons of water)? how ould that work? No oil then and less milk - perhaps 1/2 a cup - would that work? What do you think? I am so into spelt from my last experience with beer-based bread! Lovery nutty flavour ;) kisses! Love your FB posts! Love from Krakow, Poland!
    1. I have never tried it that way, but I would probably cut back on the milk a bit. I am glad you like the blog! I love dates. I have a thumbprint cookie recipe for them that is amazing! Try it sometime! https://mywholefoodlife.com/2013/01/04/date-filled-thumbprint-cookies/
  4. I made the blueberry bread today. I didn't have any coconut sugar so I used brown sugar. It was great, husband and both kids really enjoyed it. I've never use spelt before this and now I think I will keep it in my rotation of cooking supplies. I'm really enjoying your website. I find it very informative and your recipes are so easy to follow.
  5. I've never used Cocunut sugar before. In purchasing, what should I look for and what brand do you use? Do you substitute the same amount in place of white sugar? Thanks.
    1. Yes. You replace it cup for cup. Not sure the name of the brand, because I store mine in glass jars at home. I have only seen one brand though. It has a milder sweetness than sugar does.
  6. :( I used rice 'milk' and it came out nothing like this! Oh and coconut oil instead of walnut. It was rather gummy? I folded the ingredients, I thought I made sure not to over mix. I'm so sad! Do you think almond milk would be better? I'm trying to stay away from soy as it is a little richer in body. I drank nonfat milk so the rice milk has the same type of consistency. What do you think? Maybe only stirring it like 15 times? Ugh I'm so distraught! Lol
    1. It doesn't rise much. I make plenty of baked goods without eggs. If you want it to rise more, you can add a tsp of baking powder.
      1. I'm glad for this question - I just made this and was disappointed that it didn't rise at all (not that it should, without any leavening). It looked just like it did when I put it in the oven, but...harder. Still tastes all right, though, but I will probably try a bit of powder next time.
        1. I'm about to try this recipe. If I've read correctly, for the loaf to rise you suggest adding 1 tsp baking powder. The recipe already calls for that. Do we need to add another or has the recipe been adjusted?
  7. I made these as mini muffins and then tossed in powdered sugar while they were still warm. Oh my goodness, so yummy! My kids kept going back for more. Thank you! I can't wait to try your other donut recipes too!
  8. Have you made any of these breads in a breadmaker? I just bought a new one at a yard sale for $10 and am going to use it for the first time tomorrow with a Red Mill bread mix.
  9. This is a dumb question, Melissa, but is the coconut oil to be melted or in its solid state? I'm making this now and I can hardly wait to try it. Thanks!
      1. You are NOT dingy....I would not have melted the oil, so I am glad you commented before I tried the recipe.
  10. Thanks so much for posting this! I made a batch this AM, and they were delicious. I used .5 cups of buckwheat flour and 1 c of whole wheat flour instead of the spelt. Fantastic! I also made this this AM and thought you might like it: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2011/09/27/new-recipe-sugar-free-cookie-dough-dip/
    1. I'm so glad you liked it! Also, I love CCK! Hers was one of the first blogs I followed and I actually bought my food processor to make her blondies! :)
  11. i would like to make this bread but you talk about coconut sugar, i cant see where there is any sugar in the ingredients. Am i reading this wrong?
    1. It is an old recipe that I revamped to make even better. So it used to be made with coconut sugar, but I replaced it with maple syrup. You can use either one though.
      1. thanks for prompt reply. Made this today, everyone loved it. The only problem was we couldn't stop eating it. None left. Will definitely be making again
  12. It smelled yum even b4 putting it in the oven. Now its finally out and looking even better. Hard part now is to let it cool b4 cutting and eating....... Cant wait to test taste it :-)
  13. Could one substitute Coconut or Almond flour for Spelt? If so, would the measurements be the same? Spelt still has gluten so I'm looking to make this completely gluten free. Thanks.
    1. I know that GF all purpose would work well with the same measurements. If you use coconut flour, you can sub the same amounts, but you will need to add a few extra eggs.
  14. I read in the comments that someone tried to use rice milk and it didn't turn out well, but that's the only milk my family can use. Do you have any suggestions for me? This bread looks AMAZING and I would love to try it!
        1. I can't understand why rice milk wouldn't work. I think it's worth a shot to try? I use oat milk, which has a similar texture and it works fine.
          1. I was considering either a) using only 1/2 cup or b) adding a little cornstarch. But I usually substitute it equally in recipes with no issues.
  15. Just wondering if I should sub spelt flour with whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour? Also, can I use other oils instead of coconut oil? Thanks! :) Michelle
    1. It's not gluten free, but it contains less gluten than wheat flour. If you need a gluten free option, you can use gluten free all purpose.

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