Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacking seems to get to everyone once and a while.  Sometimes, mid day, you just need something sweet or salty to snack on to get you through the rest of your day.  Here is a list of some of my favorite snacks.


Kale Chips


Maple Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas
BBQ Roasted Chickpeas

Pumpkin 3

All Things Granola


Hummus and Veggies


Honey Roasted Almonds

pecans watermark

Homemade Larabars


Cauliflower Popcorn


Homemade Tortilla Chips with Guacamole  or Homemade Re Fried Beans

Here are some other ideas for quick snacks:

Sliced apples and cheese or peanut butter
Plain fresh popped popcorn
Salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas
Yogurt and fresh fruit
Ants on a log (celery, peanut butter and raisins)
Frozen grapes
Banana and peanut butter
Handful of roasted and salted nuts
Unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon and nutmeg (heaven)
Sugar snap peas
Red bell peppers or carrot sticks
Organic string cheese
Mix of raisins and nuts
Frozen banana and almond butter

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9 thoughts to “Healthy Snack Ideas”

  1. It all looks GREAT! Trying to re-program the kiddos away from such UNHEALTHY snack eating! Every idea is WONDERFUL and I keep looking for MORE! Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much for this. I've been looking for whole foods snacks that are also vegan friendly. I can't wait to try out some of these recipes.

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