Key Lime Larabars (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Key Lime Larabars.  I had a reader request a key lime larabar recipe.  I have got to say that I like these a lot.  I am not really a fan of key lime anything, but these little bars are good!

They reminded me of the Coconut Cream Larabars, which are like crack and also my favorite.  These larabars are so easy to make.  How can you not try them when they take only 5 minutes?


homemade key lime larabars


The taste of lime comes out real nice in the finish.  It’s a subtle taste.  I only used the juice of 1 lime, bit you can add more if you like.  Now I have one question.  Is there any flavor I am forgetting about?  I thought maybe the blueberry flavor.

What do you all think?

Key Lime Larabars

Key Lime Larabars

Prep Time 10 min



  1. Process the cashews, coconut and almonds until they are a fine powder. 
  2. Then add the dates and lime juice until a dough forms.  If the dough looks a bit dry, you can add a few tablespoons of water to help it come together. 
  3. Line an 8×8 baking dish with parchment leaving enough room for some to come out the sides.
  4. Spread dough into the the dish.  It will be very stick and you may need to wet a spatula to help you. 
  5. Once the dough is evenly spread, press it down with your palms using the parchment paper. 
  6. Place in the fridge for a few hours to set.


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85 thoughts to “Key Lime Larabars (Vegan and Gluten Free)”

    1. The nutritional info for these is probably almost exactly like the real larabars since I used all the same ingredients.
    1. They are probably very close to the original store bought bars. Here is the nutritional info.
  1. Creamsicle Lara Bars!! Substitute the juice and zest of an orange for the lime juice and water, and scrape a vanilla bean into the mix. Sinfully good! (BTW, if you buy your vanilla on-line [], you can get 1/4 pound of beans for little more than the grocery charges for just a couple of beans)
  2. I made The coconut larabars and they were a big hit with my family. I will have to try these. Also, I just found medjool dates at wal-mart, I was using other pitted dates. I am going to have to try The other flavor of larabars as well. Thank you.
  3. I am doing the anti-candida diet so am not eating high sugar fruits. Can a low glycemic index liquid sweetener like agave be subbed in for the dates? What volume of liquid do you get out of 12 medjool dates?
  4. Just made these - I only used 6 dates which I find sweet enough. Even my 14yr old son said they taste just like the real thing. I think they taste even better :) Thank so much for sharing all your incredible recipes!
  5. do you know if there would be any good substitute for the coconut? I have kids that don't like coconut, but love key-lime...thanks :)
    1. They should be stored in the fridge. In there they will last a couple weeks. You can freeze them for longer storage as well.
  6. I've never had a larabar so I am not sure what I'm missing. BUT, if they taste as good as these, I've been missing LOTS! They are deeee-lish! My husband has just recently accepted that peanuts are not a wise snack choice so I made these for him to try. I'll definitely be trying your other recipes. Thanks so much, Melissa!
  7. OH MY, where do I begin!!! So excited, I just happen to stumble across this site and found all these recipes for the bars!! I've bought the kind bars in the past, but to me they were too expensive. As I read through these recipes my mind was thinking, I could sub raspberry in this one. I'm a raspberry anything type person, I love em!! So could you please try to create a raspberry bar?? Thank you so much for creating all these yummy bars!!
    1. Thank you!! I do have an energy bite using dried cherries. Maybe you can try it? I will keep your larabar request in mind too. :)
  8. I think the Blueberry Larabars have no taste. I keep meaning to try to make them on my own to see if I can bump up the flavor. It would be great to see what you come up with!
    1. I now have a recipe similar to the blueberry muffin bars. Here is the link.

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