5 Minute Banana Ice Cream (Vegan)

This 5 Minute Banana Ice Cream is LIFE CHANGING.  Seriously.  Sometimes you just get a craving for some ice cream.

I make banana ice cream when I get those cravings.  Most store bought ice creams are laden with additives, saturated fat, processed sugar and too many calories.

I have an ice cream maker, but sometimes I forget to put the bowl back in the freezer.  So when I have a sweet craving, I make this super easy vegan banana ice cream.


5 Minute Banana Ice Cream

I have a smoothie version of this as well.  My Tropical Smoothie Peanut Paradise is made in a similar way.

The best part of this recipe is that you don’t need an ice cream maker to make this.  I use my vitamix, but I have used a magic bullet in the past as well.

You will be surprised at how decadent this banana ice cream tastes.  You will feel like you are cheating!  Can it get any easier?  I have used this many times to curb a sweet craving.  It really works!

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5 Minute Banana Ice Cream

5 Minute Banana Ice Cream

Prep Time 5 min Serves 1 serving     adjust servings

This stuff is so rich and delicious, it feels like you are eating real ice cream!


  • 2 peeled and frozen bananas
  • 2 T almond or peanut butter
  • 2 T almond milk
  • optional add ins: nuts, chocolate chips, fruit, coconut, cocoa powder


  1. In a blender, , mix the bananas and the milk. You may need to cut the banana into chunks depending on how powerful your blender is.
  2. Once they are partly chopped up, add in the nut butter.
  3. Continue to blend until you get a soft serve consistency.


Recipe Notes

You may not even need to add the milk at all, but I think it helps blend everything easier. Spoon ice cream into a bowl and stir in any additional ingredients you desire. That’s it!

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114 thoughts to “5 Minute Banana Ice Cream (Vegan)”

  1. You mentioned that u r getting sugar out of your diet for a few months -I am also wanting to do that - refined and most fruit sugar and try to heal my "gut" and food sensitivities - just curious if u have any ideas correcting those issues
  2. I want to know if there is another fruit/food that can be used as a sweetener because I do not eat bananas...I have never liked them (cannot even bear the smell lol) and it is the only fruit I do not like...most recipes I see using fruit include banana and I usually just omit that and if necessary I use coconut palm sugar but would like to have any advice on a less processed way.
  3. I havent read all the comments yet so i'm not sure if you already answered this, but I was wondering if you make your own almond butter and peanut butter? Is it just blending them up? Do I add anything? Thanks so much
    1. I do make my own. Here is a post on how to do it. Peanut butter tastes about 5 minutes, but almond butter takes 20-25. https://mywholefoodlife.com/2013/03/30/homemade-peanut-butter/
  4. We've made this twice this week. What a fabulous recipe! My 3 year old can't get enough. Last night we added the ground vanilla bean and cinnamon - delicious! Thank you for all the great recipes, love your site!
  5. I just made this, and I'm so impressed how much it tastes like ice cream! Even my husband was shocked! He gobbled it up and says, "What is in this?!" Thank you for this awesome recipe. Have you ever made a big tub of this and frozen it?
    1. You're welcome! I have never made a big tub, but some of my readers have. I love this too and have it a few times a week!
  6. I make this with my Omega 8005...it has an attachment to make sorbets and nut butters. I have a wide assortment of frozen fruit to make frozen treats that I mix with greek yogurt.
  7. I have been craving ice cream, so I tried this recipe last night. It is so easy and so yummy - the best ice cream I've had since going vegan several years ago!!! I love your website and check it daily for new recipes. Thank you!!!
  8. Was just returning home after running some errands and it is so beautiful and summery outside...willed myself NOT to turn into the Dairy Queen parking lot. I know their stuff is garbage but was really craving ice cream. Then I remembered seeing this recipe a few days ago and got to it. I am stunned how amazing 3 ingredients taste. I am in ice cream heaven!

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